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What would you do in this case?

OK. Four days ago a buyer took interest in my gig and decided to contact me. The problem is- he keeps messaging me asking the same thing: if I am able to help him creating a word form!!

I’ve said to him more than once that, YES I can do that for him.

Examples of my replies:

-First time - thanks for contacting me. Yes, I am able to create a word form. When do you need it by?

-Second time - Yes, I can absolutely do that. If you’d like to order the gig I’ll have it completed in just few days

-Third time - Thank you so much for your message and clarifying what you are looking for! I can absolutely help you with this.

YESTERDAY he messaged me again But I did not respond -

TWO HOURS ago AGAIN he asked me the same thing. And no, I haven’t replied yet.

What would you do?

THANKS :slight_smile:


Not to sound too Machiavellian, but when I’m going back and forth with a buyer and we’re obviously having a communication disconnect, I usually just move on. If a buyer and I can’t get in sync, I figure we’re going to have bigger problems down the road because 1) he can’t articulate what he really wants/needs and/or 2) I just don’t understand what he’s talking about and am obviously not giving the right answers.

On the other hand, he might not understand the ordering process and think that he has somehow already placed an order? If I have someone that just keeps come to my inbox asking when I’ll have their order ready and giving me more instructions when they haven’t actually ordered, I’ll usually just send something like, “I’d love to help you with this. Here’s how to order my gig and leave instructions: blah blah blah.” If he’s still coming back to the inbox…again…I just let it go.

THANK YOU so much for your suggestion :slight_smile: I too think he doesn’t understand the ordering process (he hasn’t placed an order yet) so I will send him a message with detailed instructions on how to order my gig…! thanks again :slight_smile:

Maybe he doesn’t know how to order the gig? Maybe give him directions to it lol

Maybe he has short-term memory loss. Imagine how difficult to live with him! 8-}