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What would you do in this scenario?

I hired a pro-verified web developer to build a career website for me. This includes samples of CVs (resumes). On one of the resumes, there was clearly a bare-chested guy visible. Which is obviously very inappropriate. I told him to change it so he did. But my trust in this guy has vanished since then.

After extending the deadline 4-5 times (I lost count, really) which is a good 40+ days, I am still not happy with the final product, but the seller wants to complete it as soon as possible because he appears to be running out of money and needs to pay his developer.

I found out that the site is not fully responsive yet, fonts usage is inconsistent and the website settings page in the admin CP is simply not working.

I am getting really tired of this project now because I kept giving him chances and chances but I am not the one who needs to point out all the errors. If he is not able to discover this, How can I ever be sure that the back-end and data is secure and handled well??

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you can never be sure, unfortunately. especially with the sheer lack of attention to detail.

If this seller isn’t meeting your criteria, then there is, indeed, a big problem. TSRs and Pro-Verified are held to a higher standard. Unfortunately, it takes negative feedback for their status to be reevaluated.

Fiverr ToS:

  • Pro Sellers eligibility is constantly evaluated by Fiverr to ensure that the quality standards and expectations of the Pro Seller selection is kept. Fiverr retains the right to change a Pro Seller status in light of such evaluation. In addition, Pro Sellers who cannot maintain their high quality service through a severe drop in ratings, stop delivering on time, increased cancellation rate or violate our Terms of Service, also risk losing their Pro status and the benefits that come with it.

If the seller wants to finish the order, they should fulfil the criteria. That said, what is the criteria? If it’s vague, then you might need to clarify more. Or if you’re changing things that weren’t part of the agreement, then you need to make sure the seller is capable of the new things you want.

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Hey Barzor,
Sorry for the inconvenience. If in spite of giving the seller much flexibility and relaxation from your side, the project could not be completed as per your expectations, there is no need to continue the order. He has already wasted much time.
Tell your seller the true situation and get him accept the cancellation.

Best wishes

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