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What would you do in this situation?


So I received a message just now:

“I’m going to place an order on your gig. If you are OK, please check the attachment for details.” and the attachment is below.

What would you do in this situation?


Say no and let them know that it is against Fiverr’s and whatever site they’re using’s (mostly Amazon’s) Terms of Service. In fact, I not only tell them this, I let them know I’m reporting them to Fiverr and I IMMEDIATELY follow through.

I had one buyer place an order for a dishonest Amazon review, demanding 5 stars for a product I would never see/try. My gig description CLEARLY states honest reviews only and that they cannot ask for 4 or 5 star ratings. I reported them, asking Customer Support to intervene and cancel the order. In a hurry the buyer tried to issue a “Mutual Cancellation” claiming that we “agreed” on it and that I, the seller, didn’t realize I would be receiving a free sample in the mail. Lies!!! There was never any talk of receiving said sample (in fact I would NEVER divulge my home address to a scammer) nor did that address the demand for 5 stars.


What cheezees says is very vicious. You of course dont have to participate in anything that you dont feel comfortable with, but these people are just trying to build a business, and it is not nice to destroy someones business when they are asking for your help. Just say no if you are not comfortable with doing the gig, but certainly dont hurt people.


Say no, This is against to fiverr.


This person’s account is no longer available for me to view. I get a “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.” Maybe it was my refusal to do a gig for him/her or maybe he/she saw this post.

My gut instinct told me not to accept the offer but I was just wondering if anyone at this community would’ve taken it. Easy $?

@madmoo I wouldn’t want to buy from a business I know is dishonest (to some extent) either.

I know big businesses have done “things” that aren’t always honest. ie. to rank well on Google, you need lots of links and content and a lot of big companies (with huge budget) do that, they buy links, they hire bloggers to do “product reviews”, etc. Is that dishonesty or smart advertising? These are the sites that are higher in the serps. (unfortunately for small businesses)


Reply to @philip315: Vicious MUST be a new euphemism for “the right thing to do”. If it is, I wholeheartedly agree! You cannot/should not BUY FAKE REVIEWS. If your product does not speak for itself, is shoddy, terrible, great, wonderful, so-so, etc., the public should be able to make an informed decision about purchasing based on honesty, not lies.

Sorry, but I will continue to “hurt” liars time and time again. They gon’ get a-hurtin’! =)) =)) =))