What would you do in this type of hypothetical scenario?


You are working on a freelance website and need help with something and you decide to ask the forum. You get solution from a moderator and you thank him. Then there comes a top rated freelancer from nowhere and tells that you look like a 7th grade kid and your English is also questionable. Now that freelancer reports your profile as he/she thinks you are under 18 and YOUR ACCOUNT GETS SUSPENDED FOR NO REASON.

With all due respect you reply to that freelancer that his/her comment is offensive to you but people support him/her. Now you need to come under a video cal and prove that you’re not underage.

What would you do in that situation?


If you were suspended for age then i’d just send CS proof of my age.

If you were suspended for other reasons… well that’s different.


Also what would you do about that comment regarding your looks.


post a picture of themselves where they don’t look like a child.
Some people want experience and if you look 12 you’re not going to get as many sales.
But make sure it is of you, don’t just grab one off the internet


Minimum age is 13 so under 18 won’t necessarily get you banned.


I would recommend a good optician to for both parties and give them all the best wishes. Then i would most likely have some fun with another cs rep throwing jokes back and forth regarding the hilarious situation.


I’d go through the video verification if that was the reason for your account being restricted. You cannot do much on that, just be patient, more or less everyone questions others (been there done that!) so I wouldn’t take it really seriously, it could well been a matter of misunderstanding :slight_smile:
Best of luck


It’s like you just read my mind. I’m kinda shocked and amazed at the same time.


It’s probable we’ve been thinking of the same RATIONAL solution to this hypothetical scenario :slight_smile: Let us know how it unfolds :wink:


Update - I successfully varified my id with that website and now I’m going to reply back to that lady.


So, the issue wasn’t with your Fiverr account?


Fiverr age limit is 13. Who would suspect me of being 10. :joy:


You should not talk about what you do on other websites or platforms here. Keep this in mind for the future and request the mods to delete this thread.


I think it is ok to discuss something in the way the OP has here. He is not overly praising the other site or even comparing it to Fiverr. It is really about looking for help which is what the forum is for. A similar thing could happen to users here so it is relevant I think.
Glad it worked out @zeeshan_tirmizi


Yeah, you are right…


Yes I was worried on what can be done in such scenario and I was in need of advice from Freelancers as they might know about that website. Also one person here guessed the website correctly and we talked about it here without naming it. Thanks for understanding @eoinfinnegan