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What would you do to threaded message that stop?

Hi all,

I hope you in good health and safe always.

I have some people sent me a message, asked about my gigs, I reply it with the best possible solution I could think of, but some of them stop replying.

I want to ask for the reason of why they didn’t reply to my message, but I don’t want to be spammed.

I just wonder, what would you do to threaded message that stop like this?

Thanks for your insight


No one can read the mind if each of your potential client that stopped replying.

Everyone have different reasons starting from: I got the info but I’m not sure if I need the order right now to I don’t like it, I’m not buying it.

You don’t have to know the reason why they stopped replying to you. Just assume that they are not interested anymore and if they are they might come back later. That’s it.


Do nothing
If they need your sevice, they will come back


Yeah some people are busy or you’re just not suitable. Knowing the reason doesn’t help you.

And it would actually be rude and sketchy to message someone who hasn’t responded to you. It’s pushy.

They’ll respond if and when they want to and are ready.

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Hi @muztre, I have a few suggestions.

Firstly, Reply as soon as possible. Almost immediately you’re receiving the notification.
Secondly, buyers don’t like pressure. Don’t choke them to order immediately. Don’t discuss pricing immediately.

Let them know you’re more about their satisfaction rather than the pay. I hope this helps. Stay safe ))

I don’t agree with this - certainly not as a blanket rule. Yes, you should be as prompt as you can be when replying to buyers. That’s why the 24 hour rule exists. But regular immediate responses can actually imply that you’re either not busy and/or desperate for work. If I’m messaging a professional freelancer, I’m going to assume that they’re spending most of their time working on client projects, and will reply to my message when they stop to look at their messages, rather than expecting an instant response. A positive, professional reply within a couple of hours should be more than suitable.

@muztre - like others have said, there’s nothing you can do. In an ideal world, clients would come back to let you know if you’ve been successful on every inquiry, but that simply doesn’t happen. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s rare that someone comes back and says “Sorry, we’ve chosen someone else.” I reckon that’s maybe happened to us 10 times in 3.5 years? Most of the time, you just never hear from that prospect again.

It’s just how it is with Fiverr. But, if it’s happening with most of your messages, then you may need to work on your communication skills, as it’s possible that you’re not answering people’s questions sufficiently enough to be able to secure their business.


yeah got you, Awesome!

thanks for the input :grinning:

I also don’t do nothing when they stop replying, but then I think “how if I can do something about it” :grimacing:

thanks for the input. it usually stops when I ask more details about how they want. do you think it is wrong pace?

thanks for the input @mofeoduntan :star_struck:

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good to know, thanks

ok then, thanks :grin: