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What Would You Do With This In Your Inbox?

I just got this message in my inbox related to a topic I responded to in the Forum this morning.

“Dear Concern,
Can you help me pls?
Just minute ago talk with you about my buyer request send issue, You just one order me pls only 5$ , bcoz one 5* review is my urgent for freelancing career. thanks”

My question…what would you do?

The most popular answer will be my action.


…SPAM and BLOCK :grin::yum: and don’t forget to reply “No, Dear”


The same happened to me but I had a job 350 dollar

I always tell them what they are doing is spamming and it is against Fiverr’s ToS and they could get a warning or they lose their account all together. Then I tell them I’m going to report them and I do.


I do everything you do except that. If they are sorry I leave it.

If they come back with more (not sorry) I report as spam and block.


I got an identical message copy-pasted and I replied as you above, except for the part I did not quote. Yes, what he is doing is wrong.
And yes, what happened to him is injustice, to be a victim of someone’s spite to kill the profile right at the beginning.
His carrier on Fiverr with that account is over.



*Dear, OH NO! *
I just got bad error message say for not send client bank, swiss rolls. I have your $500 dollars! Please send me your credit card number, expiration and three digit code and make for money deposit, big help, career save, Jane Fonda, BIG CASH!


I do not understand what you are saying here? Who is a victim of someone’s spite to kill their profile right at the beginning? Are you saying I am spiteful for reporting sellers who spam me?

Who is his “carrier” on Fiverr?

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Sorry. This topic is Part#2 of the ongoing story. The person who sent this message in OP post has a situation and what happened is that his first order was made by, what looks like, a spammer account for the sole purpose to destroy his account, he got a negative review and now he can not use BR or anything.

We all know that a negative first review or negative review in general at the begining before 50-100 5* reviews is a dead-end for doing business on Fiverr.

When I expressed that I was sorry for what happened he sent the message above in my main site inbox, and also OP got the identical message I see.

So I replied to him it is against TOS to contact sellers without intent to buy and overall it is against TOS what he was suggesting.

The career of the sender of the message is 90% likely over on Fiverr. And it all started with his first review on account by a random/intentional?? person to kill his profile.


I didn’t know the story, in this case I’ll just answer “no” without mark as spam …


Now that I know the story I vote for @lloydsolutions method.


I think this happened after your recent post.

Let them know that its against the rules and regulation and give them a chance. If they contact again so block them. Thanks

Not related.

But thanks!

“No, Sir / Madam concern” :laughing:

Sorry! Concern is currently out of office and is unable to receive your message.


Say some positive words for your future order
Because Fiverr always value their buyer’s keep it in mind

I’ve had something similar happen before.

Someone mistaken friendliness/willingness to give advice on the forum as being the same in Fiverr main site messaging.

I told them that what they were doing was wrong and then reported them. That was just for asking for further advice in the wrong venue. If someone started begging me to make a purchase for something I likely have no interest or need in, the outcome would be the same.

Guess I’m a bit strict when it comes to my main site Fiverr account.


I used to give them a friendly warning and then leave it alone but now I mark the messages as spam, is that the same as reporting them? Anyway, I just became less tolerant.

Tell him send this message to fiver customer support.