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What would you do with this order?

Got a client on a new gig I have - stipulates I will turn an interview already conducted into an article for print. Not so bad right? Well, right out the gate, I have a problematic buyer.

First off, before I could even ask anything more about the project, he orders only to find out that he’s not conducted the interview and wants me to do it. Gives me information about who it is for, then contradicts me when I repeated the same name. Then, tells me the questions I ask are all wrong but were written based on the information he provided me that the article was “supposed” to be about.

So, my question to you is this - Would you consider continuing to work with this client, KNOWING the contradictions you have had already or would you suggest a cancellation via support or mutual?

My thought is, I need to go to support about this contradictory client and have them end the order based on this client’s inability to clear express what he needs.


I would cancel via support ASAP:

  • he’s already misordered;
  • he’s immediately contradicting himself and acting like a grade A c-word right off the bat, you know it’s not gonna get better;
  • you also know that if you keep on going it’s most likely not going to end with a nice review. And you’re gonna be mad regardless of that.

You need to pivot your reasoning to CS on the fact that he wants you to conduct an interview and not to edit it for print. That’s like ordering a gig for a store’s website and asking the seller to legally set up their business first. Whole other thing.

So go to the ZenDesk thingy and write a few, brief formal paragraphs to Support with this crucial information if you feel like it.


I understand what you mean, but especially since the buyer is asking for work outside of the order, she can cancel without it affecting her rankings by clearly describing the issue in a Customer Service ticket.

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I second this, 100%.

In my experience, so long as you can show Customer Support that the reason for the cancellation is Buyer error, outside of your control, they will always cancel, and always without it impacting your stats.


I reached out to Fiverr CS about the order.

Provided them with information about the contradictory nature of the project. Waiting to hear back. Hoping they will cancel.

Upon learning more, I realize my client is a middleman for the article. This makes the nature of the article even harder. I would have no problem conducting an interview with a client if I am given information that is pertinent to the needed article.

I did reach out to the buyer as well - explained how I felt we were no longer a good match and that the project was fast approaching with no real movement from the beginning of the project.

He’s already requested a cancellation, but I’m going to allow Fiverr to handle this one. Thanks everyone!

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