What would you like Fiverr to add to the site?


I’m going to say it again, I am totally down for Fiverr adding a video-chat option so when a seller is online, a buyer can pay like, $2.99/minute or more to ask them their questions BEFORE placing an order.
I think it is totally genius and will bring more revenue to Fiverr.
Buyer doesn’t want to order? Us and Fiverr still make money.
Buyer wants to order? Us and Fiverr make money + the order that we do lol

Another one I think Fiverr should add is working on the block feature (block buyers from messaging you, buying your gigs again, etc.)

What ideas do you have?



I want more sales too hehehe


I’ve heard the idea of instant chat messaging being thrown around. I believe Fiverr is working on something like this.
I’m guessing with the approval of CS you can offer a video session at the starting price of $5.00.


Miss Bunny I would like that if it was simply chat without the video option, for obvious reasons we have discussed.
I wish for a button to push to refresh our own response rate whenever we need to.


If it’s implemented correctly then I’m with you. Every seller should be able to configure their account. For example seller should be able to configure settings

  • I accept messages [Always]
  • I accept live chat
    Between: [set the time]
  • I accept voice calls
    Between: [set the time]
  • I accept video calls
    Between [set the time]

That way each seller can choose how they wish to communicate with their buyers and when. There are days where I can offer video chat and then there are days where I don’t have time for it and I can only accept simple messages and I’ll answer when I can.


Voice chat would open a huge can of worms. There is a reason fiverr wants everything we say to be in a written message. On the other hand, it would be nice to have it as an option for the many buyers I get who want lots of discussion time.


Voice chat is already happening today. For example I need it to provide my service and Fiverr is OK with that. If they are concerned about order disputes then they can put a disclaimer saying that whatever is not written down won’t be considered as an argument.

The fact is that video chat is coming like it or not, so it’s Fiverr’s decision to get on the train or be left behind. If they are smart, they will try to catch up with their competition.


I’ve seen many sites that implemented it and had to shut it down due to it becoming basically a cam service veering into unwanted areas.


Yet there are a number of competitors who use it successfully :slight_smile:
It’s all about implementation.


$5 is too much. starting at .99 would be better.
Fiverr will be rolling in money if they ever offer this option


Yeah some people definetly have a privacy issue, etc.
Charging for messaging has its pros/cons


That is a possibility. I know that pervy men will log in and try to have me get undressed, etc.
But who cares lol. Maybe Fiverr can find a way to monitor or report suspicious activity.
In the end it is an excellent way to make more money.


And what about pervy ladies?:thinking:


Don’t exist in this century lol


They will have to raise the minimum age to 21 from 13 so kids aren’t being preyed on by perverts.


I thought it works - used it 2 times (not sure about new orders)

Messages => report (options)



I want Fiverr to maintain a buyer profile.

Fiverr should somehow maintain a profile for each buyer that show the status of buyer such as orders completed, rating from sellers (positive or negative), amount spent and so on.

This will improve roadblock of spammers who usually hunt new Fiverrs.
What do you think about my idea?


Maybe they have to get parent’s permission first if 13+.
I remember when I played neopets as a kid they would ask me to get permisson from my parents to chat on the forums lol idk


tsk…tsk… I beg to differ… maybe they are just not as common or as fortright