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What would you like Fiverr to improve on?


Hi, everyone!
I have 2 questions for you all:

  1. What would you like Fiverr to improve on as a seller or buyer.
  2. As a buyer or seller, what new features would you want?


Well, Fiverr isn’t really a seller or a buyer, so it’s hard for them to improve on things “as a seller or a buyer”. And I’m not sure we will ever really know what gigs they purchase for their own use, so, it’s not easy for us to rate their performance as seller or a buyer.

I do believe this has been discussed to death in other threads. Have you read those threads yourself? Perhaps those threads might be a good assessment of what other users are interested in on this site.


I didn’t see any threads before making this but I will read up on those. Thank you sir.


It’s always a good idea to read the forum – or do a topic search on the forum – to see what discussions are already out there before starting another. In most cases, the major topics have already been discussed to death, and it can be frustrating to see new “let’s keep talking about this” topics being started. In most cases, instead of starting the same topic anew in a new thread, forum users might just be better off joining the discussions that already exist. :slight_smile: