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What would you like to see Fiverr do next?


It’s almost a new year. What do you guys think Fiverr should do/work on next? I really, really, really hope they bring back the feedback modification. That would be my Holy Grail and Christmas gift lol.


I would like to see them go to a system where buyer-fault cancellations are considered in some different way and wouldn’t automatically affect the seller cancellation rate. If that was the only change in 2019 I would be pretty pleased with it. There are several other things I’d like done too, like getting rid of blind reviews, but I had to mention my number one wish as a “next.”


Oh yeah that buyer-fault cancellation would be very helpful. I feel as if the blind reviews have improved ever since they added the “response” button but yeah the whole idea is still funky to me.


It would be great if Fiverr penalise buyers when it’s their fault instead of penalizing sellers.
Fiverr should give equal priority to both sellers and the buyers.


I wish for a system wherein the buyer can quote the budget during the initial mail to seller. So that seller can access how much the buyer is willing to pay.


I can’t say I understand this one since Fiverr is based on a one-click purchase system at it’s most simplistic. Your gig descriptions should accurately describe what a buyer gets at minimum and the price of each package should reflect that. Extras can cover more. Anything beyond that would be discussed as a custom order and negotiated via inbox which you can already do by just stating what you charge for XYZ and asking if that meets the buyers needs. I think if buyers were forced to specify some arbitrary budget other than the gig price and without discussion it might drive buyers away.


I agree that demoting sellers for cancellations they have no control over, or anything else they can’t control, needs to end. Sellers are subject to fraudulent purchases where the buyer plans in advance to cancel and get a refund and that’s punishment enough. Sellers are fearful of working on large orders already, even without fear of demotion.


This is ALL I want for 2019.
Well OK, that’s a lie, there are other things I’d like to see…but the
buyer-fault cancellation is at the top of the list for sure.
I’m sure a lot of upset people have contacted CS about this, I hope they
take it seriously…:sweat::sweat::sweat:


I wish that Fiverr stop taking words of Buyers as ultimate truth, they should understand that buyers could be wrong too and they might be manipulating the system and sellers for their profit. I daily see people complaining about CS cancelling their orders and refunding to buyers without even listening seller’s side.