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What would you say?

can any one help me I am not getting a single message from last 15 days my clicks,impression,views all going down I updated my gig changed changed the title of my gig but got nothing.
I am experiencing that the month of october is the worst month since i join fiverr.

What would you say?

This can happen sometimes. It has certainly happened to me! Try finding work in Buyer Requests. This takes time too as there is a lot of competition, but keep trying. It is said that adding a video can be the best way to get your gig noticed and improve rankings. There are countless sellers on fiverr who will make a gig video for $5. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You’re not alone. I’ve been selling on Fiverr for the last year and I’ve also had a VERY slow month. It happens from time to time. Here’s hoping that things will pick up for us both!

Sellers should stand against ridiculous buyers. Most of the people I see on Fiverr is either bullshitters, time-wasters or leechers. They want to get the world for $5 and some even wants to get it for free. As a seller, we should compete against quality of service but not price of service. If you like to cheap out and provide perfect service it is the way you work yourself to death and cheap out our service. No one wants to create or innovate anymore.

Customers are not always “correct”