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What Would you sell your Soul For?


No arguments about whether souls exist or who created them etc etc. This is a just for fun thread and the question is this: What would you sell your soul for?

Conditions: If selling your soul, you can only get one thing in return. You can’t say money and good looks. Likewise, you can’t say eternal beauty and immortality. Also, when composing your answer, think carefully. If you asked for eternal beauty, this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have your looks ruined one day in a fire or explosion etc.

Anyway, I wouldn’t sell my soul as I don’t like small print. What, however, would you sell yours for if you could have anything in the world in return?


I’d probably be asking for another soul.
Like a fresh one, the one thats untainted.


Good answer. Sounds like you need to take your soul through a drive through car wash. What did you do to get so tainted?


I’m not saying it’s tainted. Im just saying that it’s starting to show age through wear and tear.
I wouldn’t mind a new one.


I would sell my soul for a professional YouTube set up. How long till I lose it?


I would sell my soul for unlimited free access to all drawing supplies & gadgets. I know, rather superficial.

Superficiality aside, I would probably sell my soul for being reborn a woman :thinking: Gosh, did I just say that out loud?

…or better yet for being reborn as a :dog: they’re always happy, no worries; I wanna be an English bulldog!

OK, fine, if I had to choose between these three, I’d choose to sell my soul for being an English bulldog :dog: !

@cyaxrex this game would’ve been more fun if you’d play the devil and make us regret selling our souls with some twist on our choices :smiley: although that could probably end nasty for this thread :thinking:



That’s all I can really say. Aside from the fact, that I consider myself very thankful to have not been born a woman. I couldn’t handle it. Whenever I live with a woman life is about hair straighteners, dryers, brushes, powders, smelly things. - So much maintenance.

The dog thing I get. I’m actually trying to make a deal with Chico that when he dies he gets reincarnated as me and when I die, I get reincarnated as him. I think that he is starting to figure ou, however, that he might stand to get the raw end of the deal.


I would sell my soul to get a home in heaven …


Me likes your answer. :slight_smile:


A Klondike Bar :slight_smile: --> :smiling_imp:


I would sell my soul to get infinite amount of wishes that will happen if I make them. (Get my own Aladdin with unlimited access :p)


I wouldn’t sell my soul. Replace it. Nor be upset about what I have. Rather lame? :wink:


Rater selfish :smiley:  


My soul is already bought and paid for. It isn’t for sale. :wink:


It depends. If I was using my soul a lot, I might not want to sell it. Right now my soul is mowing the backyard while I sit at the computer.


My soul is not for sale. It is the salesman…:wink:


i would sell my soul for 5$ unlimited revisions order now ! :money_mouth:


I think you’re under-selling yourself. Try raising your price. :wink:


I guess my question is, what exactly does “sell your soul” mean?
I mean, what happens to you?

If I sell my soul, does it mean I…die??? Or lose my personality? Do I turn into a robot-like person
with no feelings?? Or do I go to hell after I die???

I never really understood why demons would want human souls but then I read somewhere that
demons wanting a soul is like humans wanting money. OK, makes sense.
But what happens to the humans AFTER you give away your soul?


You are your soul, and you wear this human body like temporary clothing. So the clothing cannot sell that which it does not own. Recognize who you really are.