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What would you suggest, if you had


I don’t really understand your question or how it relates to Fiverr. If you had a budget to start a site and provide a service, there are so many options that it would depend on the interests and skill of the individual. Either way, how does this relate to Fiverr???

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Sorry for your lack of understanding, however what I’ve posted in the Fiverr’s Forum is intended to be as a conversational question, hoping to develop into a successful and a profitable on-line business. Is that so hard to understand?

By the way, all work shall be done by a Fiverr’s Associate(s).


I don’t think we are allowed to answer since this has been flagged.

Sorry, but this may not be the best place to get people into brainstorming ideas for your on-line business. Put in the effort to brainstorm and come up with your own ideas. You might also find some sellers on Fiverr who might be willing to do that for you for a fee? I am not so sure. It might be worth having a look. Also, as fonthaunt said, it would depend on the interests and skills of the individual.

For that to happen, first, you (the buyer) need to have a very good idea of what you want (instead of having to acquire ideas from random forum users). If not, it will be like the blind leading the blind (no offense to the differently abled, of course).

Good luck!

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That really isn’t what this forum is usually for. You can buy from Fiverr sellers after you figure out your own business plan. If you want to get someone to help you plan the business itself, you can buy from sellers who sell plans or marketing advice or brainstorming. It’s not stuff to get for free on the forum.

I don’t see the need to be snarky. The question was legitimate and your OP was flagged by the community, not by me. Good luck.

Topic flagged - replies left for OP to view.