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What would you suggest? Please help

I hope everyone is safe. I have been on Fiverr for few months. And In the beginning, I did not get any orders. But last month I received a few orders. A few days back, I got contacted by two clients on the same day. I was really happy that gigs are taking some momentum now.

FIve days back I created a new gig and also modified the description of all my gigs. But after few hours all of my gigs disappeared from the search. I got to know by contacting customer support that there was some “issue” in my title. I fixed it, and now all of my gigs were back.

But, the problem is, my gigs are doing very badly since this title issue. My impressions and clicks are approaching zero. I don’t know what to do. What would you suggest should I delete this account and make a new one OR should I wait for my gigs to start getting impressions and clicks again?

It’s the same as suggesting to get a new laptop to get more impressions. Hint: totally useless.

Your account is only a tool and changing it for a new but same tool wouldn’t make any difference


Thanks for replying Maria.
I understand your point but I don’t understand why did my tool stop working in the first place. Even though I fixed what they asked me to.