What Would Your One Tip Be?


As sellers here on fiverr, we would love to know what is the ONE tip you would give us?
Whether you are a buyer or a seller, what would it be?

We want to learn, from you.

Thanks !


Don’t be afraid to take up orders that require you to learn something new.
There is risk involved but it is always worth.


Well said !
Always a bonus when you can help a client, get paid and learn something new :slight_smile:



My one tip is deliver the order as fast as you can.


Completely check the delivered work before giving review to seller


My tip to sellers: Don’t be afraid to turn down orders. Bad buyers aren’t worth it.


Agreed, fiverr always says fast order delivery is something they look for !


Thanks for the tip !


Wow, couldnt agree more…
Thanks for sharing !


Be yourself.


Don’t slack on quality. Imagine that your last delivery is the one that every other prospective client will see. Is it good enough to make them order from you? Make it your best.


My one tip would be to make sure that you tell your buyer to give you a full star review if he is fully satisfied with the order, because sometime buyers do not think that it is necessary to give the rating and they just give you some positive rating (Less than 5) or not give any at all.This will help to increase you rating.


Under promise, over deliver.


Tip for Buyer: When thinking of hiring a seller you’ve never worked with (regardless of level) make a $5 purchase before making the $35 purchase to see what you get. Otherwise, there is a good chance you’ll be on this forum complaining about how you got ripped off.

Tip for Sellers: Stop asking for “Honest” Five Star Review. I have no idea what that means. What if you honestly don’t deserve a 5 - S review - what then? I get way too many of those. (Although my profile says member since Nov, I’ve been around since last year. My account got compromised so I had to create a new one.)


To sellers: Be honest and promise what you can actually deliver. Experiment in your own time and deliver it as an extra if you wish.

To buyers: If you’re not sure about a gig then check with the seller first. However, be specific in your message and expectations. Cancellations damage sellers’ ranking and waste their time.


should know the terms and policies of fiverr very well to handle the unwanted issues…


should know the terms and policies of fiverr very well to handle the unwanted issues…




How to sell my GIG manytime.
Because I am very new this market.
please let me know


Thanks ! Always true :slight_smile: