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What Would Your One Tip Be?


Very true, and indeed every order matters, if not for the money, but for the business itself to grow and prosper !


Indeed. From experience, we always let buyers know that anything below 5 star will (in other words) not be acceptable… Hence we would love to change their mind and have a 5 star review written :slight_smile:


Bonuses always do a great deal as well !


Thanks for that :slight_smile:
Many times when you had a great work relationship with a buyer, an honest review is exactly what you will get. Meaning the buyer will describe in detail how successful the project was and go in details to why it was a pleasant experience. These review mean a lot and can really make new clients understand how it is to work with you… Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


Be Kind. People are on the other end of the computer screen. Treat each other with respect.


I wish all buyers would truly carefully read before they purchase.
Thanks for sharing !


This is not the place to ask.
Learn fiverr, explore it, gain the communities trust and people will help you gladly.
Check out all the tips here, some will definitely help you :slight_smile: !


Very true ! People take advantage of not being face to face as see it as an opportunity to be rude…
Always stay professional !

Cheers :slight_smile:


Are you referring to the number of days you set as part of your gig, or delivering earlier than expected?


Very true, thanks :slight_smile:


Delivering earlier than expected. Meaning from the moment you received an order, how fast can you deliver it ?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Fast as you can both in number of days and delivering as much ahead of time as you can.


Totally true. Thanks :slight_smile:


This is so true. I completely agree to it.


To buyers: Please, Please, Pleaseeee contact the seller before placing the order and discuss your requirements.
To sellers: Always deliver the best.


Very true !
Thank you for that :slight_smile:


To sellers:
Don’t offer what you can not deliver.

To buyers:
Don’t demand for the impossible.