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What wrong with my Gig?

Hi people

iam new seller not quite new (join nov 2019) iam listed my Gig and have about 100 impression and 70 click perday but still dnt get order, i knew everyone is dnt get order right but
i think my gig is fairly competitive with the buyer can get for that price
or my gig is not enought ? or i must bring down my price ?
pandemic hit my country really hard and i desperately need money for my own food
so i need your opinion about my gig for research purpose
any c&c will be accept
Here is the link to my gig :

thanks before


well bro i have checked you gig it is good.

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The reason may be not having any reviews yet and also the grammar in the title.

i change it does it look better ?

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appreciate it :blush:

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Hello @felixdives

I m checking your profile at all.

What you can do for start, tale time and retype your profile description. Make it like some short story about you and your work/skills.

Then, you can use Test for your Skills. That is good way to client have higher trust in your work.

About GIGs - Try to go with better SEO. Find keyword or phrase which is related to your GIG and input it in Title, Description, Tags, etc.

And most important - share your GIGs on Social Media, send offers to buyer requests and improve your self every day! :slight_smile:

Just keep working, and try to catch first order and first review. Everything will be easier after that.


Hi @ayeshaazam12

Welcome to Fiverr :slight_smile:

What I see that you can change is GIG feature image and do some Skill test.

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hi @positiveboby
THANKS for your time
stay home stay safe

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thank for your review apreciate that :blush:

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Gig video must be in English.
I didnt see any video in 2d or 3d in video provided, that could be a bummer to skip your orders.


It looks to me that logo animation is a very competitive space. So I can sympathize with you there.

One simple thing you could do is have a head shot for you profile pic, instead of your logo. This makes buyers more confident that they’re buying from a real person if they can see your face. It’s a very small detail that can help.

Another thing would be to create a video of you explaining your services on your gig. This also gives your gig a more personal touch. I forget what the statistic is, but fiverr says there’s a significant boost in orders on gigs that have videos, as opposed to not.

Hope this helps a bit, and good luck!

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I think so. Make sure it matches with what you sell.

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Stay up… try more and more… one day You will acheived the success

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thanks for everyone giving me suggestion
iam already updated my profile and my gig based on your experience


Could be a title grammar issue?

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which one do you think is wrong ?

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