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What wrong with my gigs I am not getting orders


Hi, I am not getting any orders from last 9 days can someone help and provide me serious feedback.



Would you consider serious feedback if I make a sarcastic comment about the world ending because you did not get any orders for a whole 9 days?

You seen my answers to people making this kind of post. I am going to tell you those same answers…

  1. Your gigs are not unique, there are hundreds of other sellers offering same gig…how are YOU different?
  2. Are you promoting your gigs on Social Media?


First off, is your name Rajat Jain?

Secondly, try searching the forums for tips.

Lastly, unfortunately not everyone will have sales, Fiverr explained to me that gigs will rotate and depending on how well you deliver you’ll be in search results.

Best of luck.


Again you!!
You post this thread every second day!


What did you mean?