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What wrong with my gigs?


I have edited the time deadline my gigs from 2 to 1 days but it still 2 :frowning: what wrong ?

And I saw any gigs from other show “24 hours” not “1 days” like me :frowning:


It’s probably because of your late delivery.


Reply to @princemaxx: What ? I don’t late delivered before :frowning:


You sure you delivered all your services before 24 hours and none of the delivery gave you the ‘late’ red status?


Reply to @princemaxx: You dont understand what i said :smiley: Few day ago, my deadline is 2 days and i’m always done before deadline. But now, i want to change 2 days to 1 days :smiley: but it not work


Did you actually deliver before 1 day?

I might be wrong but you need to deliver the services in less than ‘x’ days to get that ‘x’ number on your estimated delivery.

So if you delivered the order in more than 1 day(s), you would not be able to change the date 1 day(s).

Prove me wrong someone


Reply to @princemaxx: Oh i’m realy understand, thank you :smiley: