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What you gonna this Valentines day. hehehe

So yeah, I have no plan at all because my Fiance is a Muslim. Lmao! before, somewhere 2013 and 2014. I was celebrating it just to receive unexpected gift from admirer. But today, My Fiance say, It’s better to save your Iman. because valentines is haram.

Moreover, How about you guys.

I am going to go out with my girls. Maybe I will meet a guy!!!

I will probably stay at home and do nothing !

Everyday is Valentines Day with my wifey for over a decade. You don’t need Valentines Day in-order to treat your loves one good or exchange any $$$ presents to show that how much you love each other.

Basically Valentines Day is 100% business, what a good excuses for business owner to raise their price and earn more profit.

YESS Muslims dont follow such trends… and I feel lucky because am one of them :slight_smile: say my salam to your fiance

Going to smell sweet pink roses :slight_smile:

Watch The Walking Dead… While I hate the idea of Valentine’s Day because of the commercialization, I’ll take it this year because of TWD…

Thinking about new Gig which can improve my sale rather then wasting time with GF

I don’t have anyone to wish valentine’s day or do something special. Actually, I’ve never given any special attention to this day.

I don’t give special attention to this day either and I’m glad I’m doing it out of free will rather than for some religious reasons.

I’m more excited about the fact that it is a Sunday. I get to be home, relax, water the plants, watch TV (although I’ll see a lot of mushy stuff since it is V-day) and not hear the romantic plans of people I don’t even know that well.


I’ll watch DEADPOOL. I heard rad reviews for that one.

I’ll sleep and remember someone in my dreams. :smiley:

I’ll be going here to stuff my face and drink weird avocado-based smoothies with friends among waterfalls.

Not entirely related to V-Day, I suppose…

Awesome place to visit

I am not sure yet. I hate this day very much. wherever I go , listen v- day, v-day…BTW I am gonna watch some movies from my watchlist

I am not going to done Anything on Valentine day.

No plan to do something in this valentine day.

Take it easy, relax, and watch some movies!

No date for me
How miserable

I think Valentine’s Day is every day, I am also a Muslim