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What you learn in this covid pandemic?

Covid was one of the worst pandemic in all the history, but this bad moment teach us some things that can help us to improve our life.
For example be with family and friend, appreciate the health, etc.
What are the things that this pandemic teach you ??


Do not believe everything the media has to say about COVID.


What have I learned?

Well, off the top of my head…that we take a lot for granted.

For example, I don’t think I really paid much attention to the surfaces my hands have touched until now.


But it isn’t.

The Spanish Flu, Smallpox and Bubonic Plague make Covid seem like kindergarten.

Those killed, regardless of age or “pre-existing conditions.”


Also we had the por flue, and the H1N1 flue…
I think is normal for this world all this pandemic…@enunciator

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Really covid fill us relationship & teach us many things. I can’t forget Covid pandemic situation.

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How important it is to have some money saved in case you don’t have income for a few months for whatever reasons. I’m so glad I worked my @$$ off for years prior to all of this and had a decent amount saved so I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to pay my bills etc.


Well, bad is not bad always. Everyone is suffering from this pandemic situation.
But this pandemic taught me a lot. It taught me we can do work from home

actually i made my mind to step in the freelancing world in this pandemic situation, while i had nothing to do, sitting idle all the time at home. Then i thought of doing something new & creative. Then idea of freelancing came into my mind. Hail. I learnt a lot, and still learning.


What I have learned from the violence of Covid-19:

The People of the world are very weak to the power of Allah Ta’ala. Proof of how omnipotent he is, is enough to prove the power of this tiny invisible virus and it’s ferocity. On the other hand, people are most busy and in love with themselves, which has shown the epidemic of this virus again.


@zeus777 yes, you have to save some money because you dont know the crisis you will the future…
Stay safe !!
greeting from @vivi123