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What you need to create traffic to your blog?

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Why should backlinks?

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It is more valuable than Facebook advertising.

We will give you an example:

Currently facebook ad runs, then you should buy facebook ads again. Facebook ad buy again.
But when backlink finished created, the link will last forever, making the index and began to make traffic.

It's not magic, traffic slowly began to drip, and it definitely.

You can not see $ 5 for very many qualities.
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Hello seobookmarkbest. Maybe it is just me, but I really barely understood the point of your post. I assume that it was self promotion of one of your gigs, but I think you should consider rewriting it in some more understandable way using some non-tech language :slight_smile:

Reply to @handwritten_sol: Do not promote your gigs on fellow sellers.

Better you post on my fiverr gigs.

I hate you.

Bad content, not bad quality of service.

Please make a note of it.