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What you offer in your gig extra?

I’m a new seller. As a new level seller, we didn’t get too much order. Thant’s why I’m offering my Client some Gig extra, and a freebies item. My gig is related to Logo Design so I create a Business Card design package gig extra in that gig. What do you offer ?

Hi there and welcome!

When I created my first gig I had no idea what to offer so I did not offer anything as an extra at first. Everybody’s gig extra is going to be different depending upon their service and skills. Just now, I offered a behind the scene video as an extra which shows me composing music to a project. The video itself may not have a value as content, but at least they know that everything is done custom and I also explain my perspective as a composer. Since I just added the extra I cannot report about whether or not it will help. Maybe you can offer some variations to the logo, or a banner for social media or a letterhead for business use/paper. Be creative, try to offer something unique and it will be noticed.

Hope this helps at least a bit.

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Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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