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What you think about buyers request

in buyers request many sellers bid and the sometimes traffic is so high that sometimes amount of Bids is even more than 40. what you think we should still bid on them or just simply ignores it
because there are many new sellers who ready to work at very low prices to get ratings

Yes, giving up before you ever start is always a good idea. LOL

IF you have something to offer a buyer in the buyer’s request section AND you can write a message to that buyer that shows you READ what their request was - not some copy/paste about how great your service is and go check out your Gig - but, mention in detail how you can solve their issue or why they should hire you - then, by all means, submit your offer. For all you know, the other 40 offers the buyer got were from sellers who did not read what the buyer wanted and yours would stand out because you actually wrote a personal note addressing their concerns and what you can do for them.



As long as you have offers left in your bidding section and you believe you can exceptionally deliver what is requested then I suggest you to bid. There are millions of customers who always stand for quality and not cheap prices.

Recently, I created a buyer request, and received a similar number of responses. Probably 80% were from people who hadn’t read my requirements/were looking for a quick buck by selling a crappy product.

Don’t get too disheartened by the number of responses to a request. They’re not all quality responses – far from it!


I think sending buyer request is just a waste of time.
One time buyer approved me, and finally he cancelled the order :astonished: