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What you think about Digital certificates by Fiverr?

What I see that many resumes contains Digital certificates by various freelancing sites…

Fiverr… A emperor and a leader should also try it…

Fiverr introduced business cards…It should introduce a certificate of merit or completing 100 or extra projects or like level sellers…

I have a whole big idea about this suggestion… But I am just giving a hint because I am aware that Fiverr team is much more creative than me…

This is the thing I am talking about:

Even if Fiverr charges for shipping I would love to grab my piece or I say Master Piece… :wink:

I would love to know opinion of Fiverr Team and other members of Fiverr about it.

I have not ever heard of digital certificates maybe you could elaborate more on what they are and how as sellers we could benefit from them

Briliant Idea… Vote for this +1 :slight_smile:

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Interesting idea but is there a purpose to it? Explain more please.

The Purpose…Explaining here:

Actually when you work for some company as a employ or as a trainee then you get a certificate of merit or experience. Once you have done several projects or you are working for a year or more.

Fiverr gives you Level on the site which shows your reputation to the buyers but what if we have to prove our reputation outside Fiverr. We can’t tell the person visit Fiverr and check my profile because maybe he/she hasn’t got enough time.

So Certificate is like a proof from Fiverr that you have successfully complete more than 100 or 500 projects in a Particular Field (Example: Graphics designing, SEO, Marketing, Promotion, Creativity, Article writing, etc.)

After subcategories are introduced in Fiverr, it is much easy for Fiverr to differentiate between the talent of sellers and provide them with certificate.

Fiverr can do this in two ways either they provide us a Digital Image of Certificate in any Format like .jpeg, .png etc. or they can send the printed certificates manually to us by taking the shipping charges.

It will be helpful in getting better jobs as we can include experience Certificates in our Resume or CV.

I hope everyone gets it…Else I will explain it more.


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Reply to photofiverr: I don’t have to prove my expertise outside of FIVERR as I have my credentials and diplomas so I guess thhis would not be an issue for me.

Hmm, when I heard of digital certificates I thought of something else: security.

So, has anyone else realised that Fiverr, a big money machine, has absolutely no digital security? I mean, where’s the “https://” secure protocol? Where are the secure digital certificates? Nothing whatsoever :frowning:

So my opinion is that Fiverr should offer buyers & sellers a more secure platform since money comes & goes every single fraction of a second… (not to mention that they would probably not get hacked anymore like it happened recently!)

I like the idea. But as tn5rr2012 stated, it’s not needed if you can prove your credentials already. This seems like an excellent idea for foreign contractors trying to prove themselves in the US.

Actually there’s no money “on” or “in” fiverr at all

All xactions are paypal or internal “M3” xactions.

Reply to @anarchofighter: yeah, agreed, but still: the withdrawal button is on fiverr, and basically all money-handling starts from here, from fiverr (whether it’s buying, or withdrawing). And the worst part is that if a hacker hijacks an account or hijacks fiverr altogether, Fiverr can’t or won’t do anything to help you get the lost money back (I know from my experience on this one).

So as long as money can be withdrawn from Fiverr, a better security is a must…

i’m also looking for that. Nice idea.

awesome idea man…i like it