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What you think about "Evaluation in every 30 days and 60 day rating system"?

Hello all, After few months again back to the forum. I am with fiverr for more than 4 year. But after this fiverr method I am in really hard time. I don’t get orders like before. So let us your idea about this?

Thank you


There is no matter for me how much is my rank. I still have gigs and still have purchases.


Hello, we get this question on the forum every day. I can’t tell there is a sure method to get sales aside from doing superior work. It can take time to develop a good reputation as a seller.

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30 days doesn’t give an accurate representation of the workflow. There can be “holiday” months, major site updates when everything is glitchy and nothing works, someone wanting to take a week off, etc. Then the orders slow down considerably and you can get demoted faster for lesser missteps.

I think, 60 days is perfect for an evaluation period.