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What you Think About Fiverr Forum?


Here people Come to Fiverr Forum about their Issues or Problems But their issues and Problems are not Solve here This is a Group for discussion Only

Or People Thinks that they will get Sales ? I dont think So :slight_smile:


When people have questions this is the place where they can get answers.

Posting on the forum doesn’t result in sales. I’ve gotten about 3 sales in all this time from the forum.

Lots of people do have their problems solved on the forum but lots of them don’t since they have problems they have brought on themselves, or that they themselves can solve only.

I try to answer as many questions as I can every day, just like lots of other sellers do.


It´s like a Kinder Egg. Something exciting, something to play with, and something to chew on. And if you buy too many, you´ll get duplicate content.


Definition of a forum - a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

That’s what it is. No mention of “sales”.


Why do you post so many negative comments on the forum? All your comments are how bad fiverr is to sellers, how they give you mental illness, now how bad the forum is? There must be some reason you come here aside from complaining about fivver, isn’t there?


Spot on - that’s exactly what a forum’s for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not all problems encountered by Fiverr users can be solved by other Fiverr users - that’s why Fiverr Customer Services exist - to help all of us with problems we can’t solve ourselves.


I thought it was to complain bitterly? :weary:


If that’s what makes the OP happy, then each to his own! :wink:


Here on Fiverr Forum and CS Dont hear About Seller Issues ! They Enjoying to banned some one Accounts . People for telling truth They dont Care , Sellers Give More to Fiverr To make this place Good for Buyers and Fiverr Business is Running Due to Sellers . But Fiverr Dont Care about Sellers . Fiverr Wants to hear what they want to hear :slight_smile:


If everything about Fiverr is so bad, why do you keep coming back and creating new accounts?


This Same Question i will ask From you When your Account is Banned Without Any Reason


You had multiple accounts which is a reason.

You’re repeating all of what you said in this thread ::zombie:


It was Feb 2015 I have started my career as a Freelancer on Fiverr . I created my first Account andd it was Banned by Fiverr Without Any Reason . It was on Second Level . Everyone Got me

It is was Banned " I cant Use that Account" Fiverr Message me , you can Created another One

I have a right to Open New account .
In Aug 2016 I open new Account Which i a running Now .

I dont Have Multiple Accounts


@catwriter :cat: has been here close to :four: years and has never been banned because she follows the rules and has happy customers. I am sure in that time many sellers have had multiple accounts. We can tell when they come back because of the tone, writing style, language usage, and message content that is the same.

Many sellers have more than one account at a time and they come to the Forum to complain using each of their accounts, but their messages :love_letter: are suspiciously :thinking: the same. Maybe the forum would be better and Forum members :smile: if these types of issues did not occur.

You do have the right to make negative :angry: comments. But some of us get :sleeping: of continual negativity.


People can complain once, twice or even three times about the same thing but once it’s over and finished why continue on for months making the same complaint over and over?

It’s not right to use this site, earn money on it, use the forum regularly, and spread so much anger repeatedly about it at the same time.

Repeatedly posting “fiverr doesn’t care about sellers” for months, and I looked back to October 2017 when this same complaint by the OP was being posted, seems like a futile and unpleasant way to continue to think and write. I’m tired of reading this all this time from the same person saying the same thing each time.

I hope the OP gets over it at some point in his life because it can’t be fun to keep harboring so much anger at the site you work on.

It sounds like now the anger is directed at the forum in this thread. If it’s so bad why stay here?


In one sentence…
Without any resons Fiverr never banned any account.
#Happy_earning :slight_smile:


One More thing I am Not Spreading the Anger , I am Telling People That Sellers Has No Value , No one Know When your account will banned without any Reason, If i am investing my time here on Fiverr, i make money but Fiverr also make money through Us , They should care about us ,

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Ok we get it, stop please.


Maybe the situation is kind of like the farmers and their cows. The cow is milked by the hired help and the farmer, in turn, sells the milk and makes money. The buyers are the cows without them the farmer will not make :money_with_wings:. The sellers are hired help who milks cows. There are a lot of hired hands standing in line to milk the cow, but there are not many cows so, Fiverr likes them. Because if the cows were to leave, there would be no one to pay the sellers or Fiverr.

I have a :heart: :imp: relationship with Fiverr and CS. When they make decisions my way :+1:, I am :smile:. When they make decisions I do not like :-1: I am :angry:. Possibly many Buyers and Sellers both feel the same way.


I’ve never had fiverr make a decision I didn’t like. I think fiverr knows how hard I work and how careful I am about not breaking the rules. I’m not saying that mistakes aren’t possible, I’m sure that happens. But I doubt I would be voicing the message of bitterness for over six months if they did, if I were still working on fiverr.

Complaints about fiverr have been going on from April 2017 from the OP.