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What you think about the new look of fiverr?

I just see that fiverr team change the look of there site. and i really like the new look(theme) of fiverr. it is very useful i think, some useful option comes on the top.
what do you think?

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Hi I found in my account there is no buyer request. i am not clear about this. please tell me why.

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i also really like it,but the previous look were also good,

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but this look is better then previous.

I want to know about buyer request. Is it cancel now?

go to your profile and just look on the top, click on MORE and you will see the buyer request option.


Yes, I get it. , I thing Fiverr should give massage to every member , Thanks

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Still no Dark Mode.
Most of us are night owl here, we need a Dark Mode option fo the entire site.
Dark Mode is hype now.


Someone tell me where buyer request is

I don’t pay much attention to aesthetics.

Just as long as the website functions perfectly, I’m good to go! :pineapple:


If you are in selling mode (get here by clicking on “Switch to Selling”), you should see “Buyers Requests” under “More”.

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am i the only one who is seeing no changes? :thinking:

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you should update your browser

good point i also didn’t see the dark mode on my profile. how can we get the dark mode?

Yes, the new look(theme) of Fiverr is more user friendly than the earlier one.

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i checked it, and it’s up to date bro.

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i think fiverr team didn’t love you, sorry just kidding. i the new update will be available for you after few hours.

i think they don’t love me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

let’s wait for it and see. :slight_smile:

btw thanks mate.

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welcome my friend, have a good day

Fiverr is becoming more user friendly day by day. Appreciate that.

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