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What you will prefer? and Why?


What you will prefer? and why

A) Single Order of $25
B) 5 Orders of 5$


obviously B :smiley:


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I think A must be the best choice for every seller. :slight_smile:

5 orders mean 5 different kind of buyers and 5 different works. So it is more possible to have problems.

Do not think just 5 orders means 5 different rating. Just think about your income without any problem :slight_smile:


I prefer B. Because It is much safe. What will happen if 25$ withdraw back with a negative rating? It is better to have 5 orders with five different ratings than that. But in fiverr most of time clients are willing to give positive rating for our service.


Do not ignore the time you will spend with 5 buyers :slight_smile: The more buyer the more risk.


I would go for a Single order for $25.
Because I believe those 5 orders of $5 will be driven from those buyers who want high quality work for a pretty low budget. And they’re mostly troublemakers.


Of course A. It saves my time.


It depends on how complex and time consuming the orders were.
But assuming no issues:

Normally A) single order probably (not sure though - there could be less risk in more but the lower priced orders), but right now I think I’d rather have B) the 5 low priced orders, as it would probably make it a lot easier to get to Level 2 I think (before the Jan 15th deadline when earnings becomes part of the requirement I think) which would also allow for more gigs and more chance of future orders.


A, B sounds irritating to be completely honest.
Just get the big order and move on.


I would rather A
Because $5 orders haven’t been favorable to me in the past, it feels like they take much longer.
That’s why I limit my gigs with having $5 as an option.

Sure you might get more reviews with option B, but it’s more to sort through and some buyers ask for more when they pay less imo.


Single Order.
As i know the importance of it