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What'cha guys cooking?

So my work at the office will finish in 2 days, and my winter break will start…
but due to good old Covid, I’ll be staying at home most of the time watching stuff on Amazon prime.

I will make sure I have enough food and drinks while I binge watch some shows.
I bought some pork belly several days ago to make some home smoked bacon!!
I rubbed in the salt, pepper, and the spices, placed the pork in a zip-lock bag, and
into the fridge it went…and it will sit there for several more days before I smoke them.

I hope you guys have some nice quarantine food ready!


Looks good! Cooked a ham for the Christmas, clove-based rub. It was/is delicious.


I…I was planning ( I repeat, PLANNING) to fly to Seattle this winter…and my friend was going to cook Christmas dinner…which included turkey, and you guessed it, ham with cloves… :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

EDIT: I’m just whining and moaning here, but I’m glad you enjoyed the ham!! :joy:


I made some shortbread fudge bars! They were delicious!!


I’m still wiped out from the last few months, and the holidays have definitely put my tank on “E”, so tonight, it’s going to be ramen noodles for my grandma and I lol. We did have a lovely Christmas dinner that my mom made, though: roasted Cornish game hens with stuffing and asparagus, and for dessert, homemade pumpkin roll :drooling_face: :drooling_face: !!!

I’m currently in the middle of making something for a gift exchange with some friends (we’ll be swapping safely on New Years Eve :heart:!), and I’m taking handfuls of chocolate from my stocking every time I go by. On top of that, my sister got me these great tea biscuits that I’m going to have with my peppermint tea :yum: :tea: ! And yesterday, I took the day off to make spice cookies with raisins and pecans as a gift for my elderly neighbors :cookie:.

If it’s not blaringly obvious, my family and I love food :sweat_smile:


Great question!

We have moved away from the traditional holiday meals in our house.

On Christmas Eve we made a Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry. There was enought leftovers (there is just my wife and I) that we ended up finishing that on Christmas Day for dinner.

Our intended Christmas dinner was Cornish Game Hens with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies (homemade gravy and homemade cranberry chutney on the side). We ended up making that for dinner on Boxing Day.

Leftovers of that will be dinner tonight.


I don’t really feel like feasting, but I do have a large 3kg tub of cream cheese waiting to be utilized. Probably going to make a whole bunch of mousse and cheese- cakes and leave them in the freezer for future use.


OK, so…
ham with cloves.
Hens with stuffings and pumpkin rolls oh my.
MORE hens.
3 kg…of…cream cheese…???

…Maybe it was a mistake to start this thread. You guys are all making me
jealous. If I had the Star Trek-beam-me-anywhere-I want-to-go technology, I’d be invading all of your homes by now!!

and BTW @maegan_bertrand, me and my family loves food too.
If I had a miracle body where I won’t gain weight no matter how much I ate,
I’d be eating 6 meals a day.

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:rofl: :rofl: @zeus777 I sympathize wholeheartedly, if I could eat whatever I wanted without consequences, I’d never leave the kitchen! Better yet, if I could somehow get around my few food allergies without dying, I would absolutely join you- beam me up :flying_saucer:!!!

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Hi ya, @zeus777,

Since there are 7 adults, 2 teens and 3 children that gather at our house for Christmas Day I streamlined my Christmas dinner. We had Ragu, meatballs and penne pasta with Napoleon Cream bars for dessert. I like it that everything can be made ahead and merely reheated on Christmas Day.




Ohhhhhhhhhhh my god, this is the first time I hear “Napoleon Cream bar,” so I went and Googled it…oh boy, that sounds devilishly dangerous and tasty. :yum:
I hope everyone went to bed with a happy full belly. It seems like the Spencer family has great dinners on holidays, I seriously need to fly over to your home someday.
I’ll bring over some sake or plum wine :rofl:


Oooh! Looks delicious!