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Whatever happened to promoted Fiverr gigs?

Has Fiverr given up on promoted gigs? If so, why?

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It is not Fiverr’s job to promote your gigs. You need to do that on your own.

That was not my question nor my request. I asked about Fiverr’s feature called “promoted gigs”.

That feature was tested and withdrawn some time ago.

If you type “promoted gigs feature” in the search bar above there are several old posts on the subject.

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Thank you for your reply! I did read all the threads concerning promoted gigs, but they were all really old. I just wanted to make sure I haven’t missed some recent developments!

You will do marketing your gig and get a order very shortly…
Ex. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc social site.


Do you mean social sharing, or marketing as in buying ads?

No just share your gig …

Thanks! The thing is, most people use Facebook to stay in touch with their family, so granny’s probably not gonna be interested in SEO gigs :smile:

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