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What's a challenge you've only ever faced on Fiverr?


For me, I’ve never had to deal with a writing system other than Latin or (once) Cyrillic.
So, getting questions like can you do this in Arabic? or Hebrew or, the latest one, Ge’ez is surely interesting :wink: As the answer that immediately pops up is Hell, I don’t know!

What new experiences have you made (in your work) on the global marketplace?

the outcome of those challenges, if you’re intested:

Arabic? Nope, I can’t do this with a cursive writing system
Hebrew? No problem. Just let me adjust to what Backspace is doing now.
Ge’ez? Kind of.


Other than dealing with the most crazy or worst cancellation reasons I’ve ever heard in my life? Well, let’s see… buyer threats and curses – yeah, definitely a challenge I still cannot deal with, let alone master. I’ve never had them in my life before Fiverr, which kind of worried me - but maybe I was too much of a caveman.

P.S. and yep, I have had buyers asking me about languages I’ve never heard of, too, but Ge’ez? Never saw this one before, kind of sounds like Goa’uld from Stargate :smiley:


UP & Down sells - Too challenging for work as a Full time on fiverr :wink:


Here so far, knock on wood, it’s been smooth sailing. Even the few rather undesirable buyers had their redeeming qualities. In the offline world, I had one or two jobs and the corresponding clients from straight outta hell.


I had huge problems with late deliveries due to buyer difficulties in getting the requirements ready! Its all sorted when they introduced Extend Delivery Time!

No challenges in fiverr right now, going smooth!


Challenge: “This sample is really good, is it original?”

I’ve never had more persons question my sincerity until I joined Fiverr. It’s frustrating. Sometimes, I just want to yell, “get the f*** outta here if you don’t believe me…,” but it’s business and I’ve gotta keep going.

Challenge: A buyer contacts me, makes a request; I respond, get some eerie silence…

Mehn…I so hate that :rage:


That’s still better than the silence I have to deal with on a regular basis:

It’s like they get scared of my words! Or maybe it’s just my face :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear, it feels like there’s some shady non-fiverr forum out there telling people to just say hi to random Fiverr users to get more orders.



:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: (20 characters)




:smiley: Yeah, same like here!
Buyer: Hi
Me: Hi, May I help you?

And then 20 hours or days passed no reply!

This is common on Fiverr I think so!


when not getting daily orders . . . :sunglasses:


I’m sorry you went through that. Personally, I wish the moderation on Fiverr was better, if there even is some. I find it so frustrating having to sift through Buyer Requests that are actually pitches from sellers. It’s a waste of our time and buries the true Buyer Requests.


It seems to me that messaging and the buyer request section are headed by 2 different account managers/teams at Fiverr. Reporting spam messages are highly filtered by Fiverr, whereas the buyer request section is not intensely monitored.

The reason being is that messaging is an important role within the Fiverr selling/buying sphere whereas the buyer request section is an added service that doesn’t or shouldn’t require so much babysitting.

Which leads me to your comment.

Fiverr’s overall moderation is fairly good considering the amount of services listed on their website right now. Obviously it would never be enough because for every account Fiverr eliminates a new one pops up.

We’ll have to do our part and that is marking these accounts as spam and sending messages to support.


I’ve been doing people research for many years though I started out doing it for my own family when I was hunting for a birth parent to help an adopted relative of mine. To offer something like it on Fiverr I felt I needed to do online online so my first gigs in that area were to d reverse searches, to find people who had changed their address and that stuff.

My biggest challenge that I’ve only faced on Fiverr came when someone wanted me to find a guy she had been married to and divorced from before the civilian internet existed. They had divorced over 30 years ago and he took pains to hide since he owed a debt, so digital records were scarce. I had to learn some new techniques and just be lucky to find him without having to send snail mail for court records and such. I found him, but that was a really tough one!

Fun question! I don’t even know what Ge’ez is!



My biggest challenge on Fiverr? Maintaining focus, not getting distracted by so many things, increasing my productivity. I am slowly making progress. My goal is to be able to write an average of 10k to 12k words every day.


@fonthaunt I fancy the idea of warning these buyers by mentioning “unsolicited contact (spam)” :smiley:

So you want a “hi” message battle? :smiley: Here you go:

I know, I may have posted this already elsewhere, but it still proves my point of things that uselessly & constantly distract all of us :joy:

I told you, they’re like scared of me or something! As soon as they see my avatar, they run like hell :joy: