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What's a "Fiverr" worth?

What’s a USD “Fiverr” worth in your country and how does this reflect in the pricing of your gigs?

In Canada, $5 USD is $6.67 - a $5 gig nets you $5.34 CAD after Fiverr’s cut (that is today’s exchange rate, but it stays about the same). When I price my gigs, I set them at the total Canadian I want to be paid, and usually end up with a bit more because I try to withdraw when the CAD is lower.


$1 in PKR is 140. After Payoneer cut I get PKR 138

4$ is a 3£ in London and I can’t even buy a sandwich for that price :joy:
Even a tube ride to work will be minimum 5.80£


@muhammad_osman What is the average price of things in Pakistan? We’ll go with the sandwich example, does a $5 work out to enough in PKR to buy a sandwich?

@mariashtelle1 London sounds expensive! Although we probably aren’t far behind, as our petrol prices just went to nearly $5 a liter and all our food prices are going up with it.

EDIT: Apparently what I read was an April Fool’s joke and our petrol only went up $0.05/L. :woman_facepalming:
It is food that is jumping in price the most from it (mini watermelons went from about $5 to $10, celery from about $2 to $6).


Price of Regular Sandwich is Rs. 35 which is 0.25 dollar.

After the cuts I get around 4USD to which I can go to the Dollar Tree and pick up a 6-pk of Ramen, a box of Italian Ice and a gallon of water.

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I get 2.70 USD after the fees and conversion charges and that equals 256.12 Indian Rupee (INR)
That can get you breakfast, lunch and dinner (depends upon the quality though).

I get 4 USD after Fiverr cuts and that is equal to 484 in JMD and that can pay your cab fare to and from work if you take two cabs to and from work. You will also be able to by a sandwich biscuit or so with the chance of 84 JMD

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six packs of ramen lol…

…a box of what? :chipmunk: :it:


Thanks for all the replies, everyone! I’m a numbers nerd, so I find it fascinating how $4 USD works out differently for all of us, depending on the economy of our country.

@millionsaremine I went to Jamaica when I was 12 and there are three things that have stuck with me: seeing grass in March, how beautiful it is there, and the price of things. I did not understand that the prices were not in CAD. I thought we were paying like $40 for a bottle of water. :rofl:

@pacquo I’m not a 100% sure about where @topaz_muse lives, but I know that our dollar stores in Canada sell Italian ice and it is pretty much ice cream, but more like a snow cone.


Maybe not a decent one, but a supermarket meal deal is great, provided they’re well stocked. :rofl:

I live in Devon so the cost of living isn’t as expensive here, but £3 still doesn’t stretch very far. It would just about buy me a cider in Spoons (a popular pub chain here), or half a lunch. :money_mouth_face::joy:


Got it. I think that it’s the americanized version of the granita.
Added to the list of the Italian foods unknown in Italy.
Notable examples: fettuccine Alfredo and :skull_and_crossbones: meatball spaghetti.


I get $4 after Fiverr cut and that’s about 1500 Naira in Nigerian currency. That can do a monthly internet subscription, buy about 10 liters of patrol, feed you three square meals (depending on the quality) That can pay for bike to work for about a week. Of course, you can do a lot with that. Lol:joy::joy:


I’m in the US. It’s a fruit flavored treat with an ice cream-like texture. If you show up to the store right after they stock, then you can get a box of 4 for a 1USD.


I’m in Algeria, 4 USD = 500 DZD , I can buy two special sandwiches :smirk:


Sis… take it easy now. Inside life, where do you get your own exchange for #375/$ that makes $4 = #1500. Haba!!!.. Please, let them know the truth. From the $4, Payoneer deducts $1, so you get $3 in all. and at the maximum exchange, you get #1005 from that. That can only afford you either a good breakfast with maybe #200 change, or 7litres of petrol because you have to run generator, or 3 days Internet subscription.


if you withdraw via Paypal, you’ll get #900 at most, and that can either get you a three days internet irrespective of your device or internet provider. or a good meal. that’s all!

Yeah, I did exclude the card charges because that has nothing to do with Fiverr. But when I change $4, I get about 1500.

Does Fiverr pay directly into your bank account? It’s part of the process and how do you get 1500 from $4, please kindly share

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You sound as if Payoneer charge you per 4$ that you withdraw? The 1$ charge is for every withdrawal be it a 1000$ or more. How I change it? Maybe that’s my little secret. Don’t forget, the topic of the conversation is how much does Fiverr worth, before how can you spend it? You can start your own response by stating that you spend $1 on the Payoneer charge. I didn’t add that because I don’t even feel the deduction when I make withdrawals.

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