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What's a good conversion rate 2020?


I’ve tried looking here but didn’t find anything latest on what “defines” a good conversion rate? of course the buyers here are looking for affordable solutions, so does this mean that selling your gigs for lesser amounts would result in a higher conversion rates? (more chances of them to become your clients?)



There’s no such thing as a “good” conversion rate. It’s not a metric that you shouldn’t obsess over.

It’s a useful metric to keep track of, as it indicates how well your gigs work in terms of converting a visitor into a customer.

Having a higher price point will mean that less people will buy so yes it will affect the conversion rate.

However, before even getting into pricing there are so many variables like your gig description, the packages you chose to offer and whether you utilized the FAQ section.

I an currently sporting a 1.59% conversion rate which is low but I am willing to bet I make at least 3x-5x what the average seller makes on the platform.


Thanks for your message. The reason why I’m obsessing over conversion rate is because I read somewhere it impacts overall on your gig ranking appearing on keyword/category searches.


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That’s 100% untrue.

Whoever made that claim has a limited understanding of how the digital world works and 0 understanding of how Fiverr’s algorithm works.

If you are not making any sales you need to look at a long list of things to start getting on the right track.

Trust me when I say the conversion rate is not the root of any of your problems.

Take a look at my credentials and then look at the credentials of whoever said the conversion rate helps your ranking and then make an informed decision on who to trust on the matter.


If you for example make 5 sales per 100 impressions, would your conversion rate be 20%?

yes "hopefully and logically " :innocent:. but not impressions. its views

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Hi, can you explain the difference between pageviews and impressions? is a pageview the same thing as a view?

I think both similar.not difference.

So an impression is different from a view in what way? and how do these differ from a click?

Impressions are appearances of your gig on the search results page. Someone search for something and you came up.

Clicks count when someone actually clicked on your gig (from the search results) and browsed your offering.

Views refers to whenever someone browsed your gig page regardless of how they got there.

Social clicks only count when people find your gig link and click on it via twitter, fb, ig, social media in general.


So is conversion rate the number of sales divided by impressions?

Divided by views actually. Not impressions.

If 10 people browse your gig and only 1 buys, you have a conversion rate of 10%.


So a view is after they click on your gig? Or before? Sorry to sound dense.

If it’s before then I don’t see how it differs from an impression.

If it’s after, I don’t see how it differs from a click.

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Conversion rate is calculated by sales divided by views. Not just clicks.

Like I said clicks is a number showing you how many people searched for something, got served your gig and decided to click through.

Views are ALL the times people got to read your gig page regardless of how they got there. (Google search, direct link, social, fiverr search, etc)


So a view would include impressions, as well as other ways they came across your gig, so the number of views may be higher than impressions?

I’ve had websites and watched statistics on them, and never understood this or seen it well explained. Thank you.

I had $5 gigs only for a few years with a higher conversion rate than I have now. Yet I’m earning more than I did with a high conversion rate. So if I were fiverr I wouldn’t pay attention to conversion rates. I would pay attention to the dollar amount a gig brings in.

But I know fiverr doesn’t work that way. They have other things they rate that don’t have anything to do with conversion rates or earnings of each gig. It’s much more complex. I do think a person looks at each gig and makes a judgement on it.

For example, think about “Editor’s Choice” gigs. Someone has chosen those. Each gig is seen by editors and a decision is made about them.


I think this is just a bit of an exaggeration.

Conversion rates are a metric that everyone should take seriously. I would also assume that Fiverr does take into account conversion rates when it comes to gig placements.

In real life, if you had three people on a sales floor, you would pay close attention to conversion rates. If Bill and Bob make several sales a day but Joe makes just one sale a week, I’d want to know why this is, even if Joe does bring in high-value clients. A lower conversion rate would mean that something Joe is doing is putting off a lot of leads who might be walking out my door with a negative impression about my brand.

That is a clumsy analogy, However, conversion metrics do carry a lot of weight in digital marketing.

It is if you need to make money to keep the lights on!

No conversions means no sales and no money in the bank. This means you are doing something wrong. You could be selling something there is no market demand for. You could be marketing your product poorly. Whatever the problem is, you need to address it.

It is not really possible to calculate your conversion rate on Fiverr. However, you should be making sure that you try to convert as many messages you get in your inbox into sales.
This is a very crude way of looking at it. However, this is the main way you can directly improve your conversion rate.

This doesn’t just mean trying to sell hard. This means looking at why people don’t buy from you.

If you offer a service like a single 1-page web design and people keep messaging asking if you can build them a Shopify store, you consider how you can adapt your business. Clearly there is a demand for Shopify stores. You, therefore, look at whether you can offer this service. If you can, you start converting more leads into sales. If you can’t, you look at how to tweak your existing gig description to make sure you are targeting the right market.

My goal is to convert 6 out of every 10 messages into sales. This isn’t always possible. However, I consider this pretty healthy.


I wish others could see the amazing variety of strange messages I get that have nothing to do with my gigs or making a purchase. For example I’ve had one guy who wants to chat about my religion. Another wants to know the secrets of how he can cast spells that work. Several each day are people who send very long detailed descriptions of their love affairs and all the things the loved one did wrong. It’s something they send around to dozens of sellers not to buy anything but due to obsessing about the lost love and hoping to get a chance to share that obsession with someone.

There lately is the one who makes new accounts constantly under various names. I would love it if all of them were seriously shopping for a spell but unfortunately the motives for contacting me are all over the place.

If fiverr looks at how many messages you convert into sales I would be surprised. I don’t think they do.

Hmmm, thats actually not correct, this is the official definition from fiver " * IMPRESSIONS: These are impressions from Fiverr, or the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails (i.e., on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page)."> Blockquote

yeah you need to be careful and spend time to get this, not so easy. I still struggle, this is a chance to make it clear.


Impressions=appearances AS thumbnails (from search, first page, suggestions etc.)
Clicks= number of clicks to your page from thumbnails
Views=clicks from everywhere to your gig page (thumbnails, search, social media)

The others are more obvious

Correct me if I’m wrong.

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I don’t see how what I wrote and what you pasted from Fiverr is any different.

Impressions count every time your gig appears on Fiverr result pages.

This happens when people search for stuff and when people browse categories.

@cyaxrex I never said that conversion doesn’t matter or that we shouldn’t pay attention to it.

The OP seemed to ask a very arbitrary question, like “what’s a good conversion rate to have” which doesn’t make much sense to me personally.

There are so many levels to check your performance before looking at your conversion rate. For instance if your gig doesn’t get picked up by Fiverr’s SERP conversion is the least of your worries.

I think closing deals via inbox is the most powerful tool at a seller’s disposal, but I am not 100% sure those sales count the same way as someone landing on your gig and clicking the green purchase button.

Not sure which one is most preferred by Fiverr. Thoughts Cy?

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I tried to be more clear because someone can see your thumbnail without searching for particular thing (e.g. someone is reviewing his client page, and you appear as a recommendation on the bottom of the client’s profile. First page impression is also not necessarily “a search”. )