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What's a great way to get exposure on new gigs?

Hi, I’m fairly new to Fiverr. I have a few gigs, one which does very well ( and two that don’t, so I really haven’t explored boosting sales on those. But I just started a new one to sell stock music ( and I want to know if you pros have any tips that would make it stand out in searches. I’ve tried my own keywords but yet to even see my gig. Thoughts?

I don’t know if this would help but I would test switching out your ukulele tag with a tag for video or a keyphrase containing video. I’ve had to hunt for usable background music for my YouTube, website and gig videos. I know you have video as a keyword in the description but I just wonder if having a tag would increase chances. I’d be more likely to search for video, stock, .music than a specific instrument.