What's a Impression


I noticed my Fiverr gig has lots of impressions but not many views what does that mean?


When impression increase then click and view increases and then you will get an order.


Impressions have nothing to do with your orders. Impressions merely mean that your gig showed up in the Fiverr search results, or was seen when someone loaded your gig on its category page. Impressions only mean that your gig is visible somewhere on Fiverr.

The stats you should be concerned with are Clicks. Clicks mean that someone saw your gig listed on Fiverr somewhere, and clicked your gig image to learn more. If you’re getting a lot of impressions, but no clicks, then people are seeing your gig on Fiverr, but they don’t have any interest in visiting your gig.

Work toward increasing Clicks (usually with a captivating gig image).

You have no control over Impressions.


Super clear. But what about the views? I thought clicks = views. Thanks.


Views are: Clicks (on-Fiverr traffic to your gigs) + remainder of Views (= off-site traffic coming into your gig from somewhere else on the internet)

So, if your Views are larger than your Clicks, then you have traffic visiting your gig from somewhere else. I don’t think there’s any way to actually track where they are coming from, though.


That’s interesting.


Gig #1 --> 41 : 73
Gig #2 --> 14 : 17
Gig #3 --> 46 : 55
Gig #4 --> 2 : 10
Gig #5 --> 31 : 50
Gig #5 --> 50 : 68
Gig #6 --> 5 : 10
Gig #7 --> 36 : 57
Gig #8 --> 8 : 13

So I guess a lot of Google Search traffic since I’m not promoting my Gigs anywhere at all.

I just launched and left the profile be. Tried sending 20 buyer requests or so but never got one off of that section.

So it must be Google Search traffic. All of my orders. & then Fiverr search traffic.