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What's a "revision" in Fiverr lingo?

Hi there! I’m new out here and still learning a lot. Each time I want to set up a gig, one of the fields is for ‘revision’ and I’d leave it blank. Now, I’m wondering it could be the reason no one is ordering any of my nice gigs. So, please be kind, this is a new country of its own with its own language. What’s a ‘revision’ here?


I don’t quite understand it myself and Ive been here 3 months…

I set my gig to charge $5 per revision, however people are somehow still able to request a modification to delivery without paying. So I’d like to know as well where the line is drawn between Revision and ‘request modification’.


Revision refers to changes client ask to make before getting final product, solution,

some times some artiest/worker provide 2 or 3 revision, some provide infinite revision, it all depands on your negotiation skill and need of artiest to get new work.

i have once ask more then 5 revision in logo for one of my client, project and i got it by artiest.

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