What's about samples?


Are you people are requesting for samples???


No… (20 char)


If I’d hire someone to do some graphics and they haven’t linked any portfolio links, assuming that their gig description and/or image are rather vague or incomplete, I’d definitely ask for a sample of their portfolio. But if a gig description and image are properly set up, I wouldn’t ask for samples. Although buyers ask me all the time :unamused:


I don not like to do samples, when asking I say pay for it. But in this time, maybe I will do a sample for start…


I’d say it all depends on the niche… in some cases, sending a sample is as easy as sending a ready-made PDF or something like that, while in other cases it is necessary to pay upfront even for a sample.


Watermark your samples, señorita! If you want to send them!


I don’t know, I think if the samples are paid I will be more motivated than if not. It is for a Book. I don’t know if I will win something with watermarking the design. But Thanks!


Then create a Gig:

I will give you a sample for $5

So people can order there.

But watermark them anyway!!!

Hasta la vista!


Yes… I am thinking on that…:eyeglasses:


Hello @ldnarquitectura i am graphic designer
if any buyer asking me for samples
i do sample image for him but make sure that my water mark(semi transparent name or something )
will be on that sample images so he will no use that images any where

Best regards,
jay :grinning:


Yes… But even if it is a book of 60 pages? I’d sent a custom offer… We will see…



I’m reading the watermark tip so often, but I´ve seen a couple of Fiverr gigs that promise to get rid of watermarks - can they really, or is that a scam insofar that it will still be possible to see that there was a watermark once (not that I´d be sorry for people ordering such a gig if it is, as I don´t think there are many legit reasons to get someone to remove specifically and literally watermarks)?


You are right! and I think in the majority of the case it is possible to get out the watermark…


Oh I want to see who will be able to erase mine then…

Everything under 50dpi and watermarked will not be worth to work on, no matter how good you are, because the amount of time needed is way higher as the $$ they could win by taking the watermark away…
If you learn how to watermark your own works there is no risk…

But that’s something to talk about in another thread…


sample must be just one page or one images:grinning: