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Whats about sending offers to buyer requests?

hey I send offers to buyer reqsts.I’m new to long they take to reply me?what are qualifications should I have?


There is no fixed time to getting a response from the buyers request page. I’hv gotten a response few minutes after I applied for a work. It happened today. Some do take like 2 days or thereabout. All you need is to send a good offer.

I’m also new to fiverr, it’s been great, I will be entering level one anytime this month. All you need is consistency, hard work, and good gig.


Remember you’re competing with other sellers. Make your proposal standout from a sea :ocean: of sellers. However, there are no guarantees you will be chosen. Just submit (10) offers per day, sooner or later a seller will bite.


I received mine after 7 days or so.

The better the proposal the better will be results.

Buyers don’t have the obligation to respond to the offers they receive.

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