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Whats are mistakes in my gig

Hi, Here is the link to my gig, I have done SEO of my gig. But still not getting orders. It’s about the Ebook cover. Please guide me, If there is any issue with images or descriptions.



I don’t normally review gigs nowadays because some people take great offence!

However, I enjoy working with creative people, you’ve got some great reviews already - so I think you just need a helping hand.

I actually think your gig is good overall. However, there are two problems that I can see:

  1. Your main gig image has two / possibly three errors. You have a hyphen in ‘OLD-FASHIONED’ when a hyphen should not be used, you have omitted a hyphen from the phrase ‘A SELF GUIDED BOOK’ when a hyphen is required (it should be ‘A SELF-GUIDED BOOK’). Besides, this phrase is actually a bit weird as most people would instinctively write ‘A SELF-HELP BOOK’.

  2. Although your English is okay, there are some basic errors that make the gig look a bit unprofessional. For example, you have written:

1. a hundred percent Satisfaction

Why the lower case ‘a’ and the uppercase ‘S’? These are incorrect.

Front cover+ Back cove

There is a letter missing from the word ‘cover’.

There are also quite a few other examples similar to the above.

I know some people will think these are minor points. However, you’ve got to remember that your gig is aimed at writers who will hopefully understand the English language. Your main graphic example and your gig description contain errors that will no doubt make some potential buyers choose someone else. And as a designer it also partly your responsibility (certainly in layout terms) to spot such errors.


Thank you so much for such a deeper review. I hope it would help me alot.

A problem with the main gig image is that on your profile it gets cropped a lot (the same will happen on search pages) because of the aspect ratio. Though it’s the right aspect ratio for a book cover, because it’s very different to 1.619:1 that causes the cropping so on your profile it starts with “yourself” at the top of the image and only a tiny bit of the text above.