What's better: 1 gig with multiple service or multiple gigs with specific service?


Hi, a few days ago I added a new gig (copywriting in Italian) and I was wondering if it’s best to create a single gig with a few services or multiple gigs with only 1 specific service?

For example, in my last gig I offer to write blog posts, Amazon product description, e-mails or everything you need in Italian. Then I startet wondering if it would be better to create 1 gig for porduct description, 1 gig for blog posts and so on.

What is in your opinion (and in your experience) the best option?



In my experience it’s best to have each gig offer a specific service so you would have:

  1. I will write anything in Italian
  2. I will copywrite anything in Italian

It helps people find the service they want and it’s easier to manage workflow if you need to at any point.

(why do you have two gigs for writing things on your lips?)


Thank you for your reply! I’ve always had translation gigs, so everything else is new to me :slight_smile:


Dear Espumit:

I suggest you check out this article about how to build gigs that complement each other:

Good luck,