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What's better for me as a seller: a vacation mode or pause gigs


My question is: what’s better for me as a seller: a vacation mode or pause gigs. It must be some difference. Will I see my gigs in search results in both cases? I have heard that vacation mode is not good, many people believe that after you come back from it it takes time to get new orders again. What’s the true?





No one is going to have a definite answer for you. Flip a coin or roll the dice. Some users say vacation mode did not hurt their results, some say it does. Some say pausing hurts, some say it doesn’t. We do not know the algorithm that Fiverr uses to determine search results so just do one or the other and report back with your results after.


OK, I will do an experiment this weekend. Good point, thanks!


Just a note: there’s a limit for having vacation days in your gigs. Just like how office jobs offer a limited amount of vacation leaves. :slight_smile:


I just used vacation mode for five days. Here’s my experience with it:

There’s some other chit chat and conversation there, so you can read other sellers’ experiences, too.


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You are joking, right?


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Yes, I know, I have read it. Very mysterious thing, indeed…