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What's better - Increase value or decrease price?

What do you guys think is better for converting more of your visitors into sales?
Decreasing the price of the gig packages, or packing in more value at the same price?
Sadly, in my experience, I found that decrease the prices while maintaining the content of your service gets more conversions than keeping the prices but increasing the value…

What has your experience been on this subject?


There is no general rule. It is entirely dependent on individual factors and you need to research to figure those out.

Just know that it is a total myth that decreasing price leads to more sales. It may be a contributing factor, but price alone doesn’t lead to a sale. Plus, if you are underpaying yourself, you aren’t winning and it’s pointless.

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I agree that there’s no strict rule when it comes to conversions. As for the general “what is better?”, I’d say it depends on the buyers you want to attract: the ones looking for value, or the ones looking for the cheapest provider?

I agree there’s no general rule.
What I’m really looking for is more sharing experience, rather than the ‘secret to success’.
In my experience, decreasing prices led to increased conversions more often than increasing value so…there’s that :slight_smile:
Then again, maybe I’m not communicating the value of my service as well as I can :slight_smile:

Did it increase your earnings? Do you earn more when you sell to more people at a decreased price, or when you sell to fewer buyers at a higher price?

Overall, yes. As the increase in margin did not really account for the decrease in volume.
How’s your experience been on this?

As for me, decreasing prices never led me to get more orders / earnings.
Faster delivery time though, that almost always worked.


Similar, I think, but it’s hard to tell because of other factors (for example, I’ve been absent for about 9 months or so), plus I’ve been experimenting with my gigs.