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Whats better? Real Photo or a Random Image?


Hey all,

I am getting a feeling that I am creating too many threads in the past few days :stuck_out_tongue: Anyhoo, I had a simple question - What looks more appealing to you in the profile pic? A real picture of the person or a logo or some other pic like mine?

Looking forward to the suggestions :slight_smile:

– avi619


Thank you for replies!


i think we should use our product images !! i mean what we are offering. But i respect what madmoo said :smiley: thanks


Thanks Madmoo and Mohaplaban.

I will take Madmoo’s approach, a picture of mine, but edited.


Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:


Reply to @bachas85: I agree.


Real photo. :smiley:


Just to be dissident, I disagree. :slight_smile: I think as long as the image represents your personality and style, It itself is representative of the person you are.

(Says the person with a real photo) :slight_smile:


Yes! Real Photo :)>-


Thank you everyone. Real Photo it is.


I just switched from a picture I drew to a real one!


Real Photo (But I keep switching mine to keep you all guessing) =)


Reply to @thuyta: aww thats a great photo, what an adorable baby.


I have a real photo with my logo on it.


Reply to @garavogue: thank you :slight_smile: