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What's everyone's thoughts on life?


Just live in the present, forget the past, stop worrying about the future - and you will be fine.


A platitude. I don’t worry about anything. I am, however, worried about not leaving my mark upon the world.

The more I think about it, I think the way to appease myself will be to hire a herd of camels and riders in Morrocco, before having them trample in “Property of Cyax Rex” into the face of the Sahara so that it can be seen from space.

At least in the future people will wonder.


Death happens. I lost someone last week, so I know where you’re coming from.

Ultimately though, it’s life and it’s something to play with. Go have fun with your sexy Swede! Make trite jokes at other people’s expense! Roll your eyes when an idiot crosses your path! Sell ice to eskimos, sand to arabs and… er… something else to another ethnic group!

Or do the camel trampling in Morrocco, that could be fun, but I feel you’re being overly ambitious with your dreams of posterity.

Or you can focus about your work today, then focus on your work tomorrow, then the day after, and the day after that–but only when the work is in the present. Om.

I’d go for the camels. Take the Swede with you.


I don’t care about making my mark on this world, I will just live my life, do my duty, and not care what others think about me. My dad was in a very important position, everywhere he went, there were dozens of people hanging on to his every word. He changed the lives of thousands of people, gave jobs to hundreds, helped thousands establish a business/livelihood. The day after he died, he was forgotten. Everybody just forgot about him. The only time they think about him is with envy and with a lot of negativity, when they see me living comfortably and wonder how much money/property my father left me. So, really, I don’t care about making a mark on this world. I have a very low opinion of people.


Do my duty

A lot of lives have been wasted with this worldview, and not necessarily on the battlefield.


Ain’t that the truth… (not talking about myself of course… lol)

If you are having an information overload, instructional here:


I wish…had I graduated when I was in my early 20s, I would join the Indian Army and done my bit for the country. Like an idiot I messed that part about studying hard and not playing too much cricket/football, watching TV, playing video games.


By the way, let’s stop this now, this thread has the potential of getting both of us banned…


I assure you that after you die and go to the afterworld you won’t think about it for a second, what you did here.
It literally won’t make a bit of difference to you what you left behind, aside from loved ones. It’s just ego talking.
It’s like worrying about leaving your mark upon a dream you had. It’s gone like a puff of smoke in the wind.

Life is a meaningless addiction we keep getting pulled back into repeatedly, with the illusion that is has meaning.
It’s pointless nonsense best recognized for the BS that it is. Enjoy it and be kind to others but don’t be attached to it.


Don’t be paranoid writer :wink:

Anyways, what about leaving your “legacy” behind. Time to come out of your shell …look for Mrs. Writer. Don’t you want any children?


I thought you didn’t worry about the future, writer.

So what, I may get banned from a forum for giving Cy some ideas and answering his question and sharing my opinion that war is dumb and futile and the duty is a myth peddled by warmongers who won’t send their own kids out to the killing fields? If you want to stop it, just don’t mention it and let the conversation evolve. I would like to register right now that I think getting banned for expressing a POV on a thread literally asking for them is pretty dumb beforehand. That’s not bashing anyone, just what I think.

Personally, @misscrystal’s far more accurate imho. But since we’re all here for the party, we should have fun between the odd episode of misery–right?




God, that sounded so much like what my Mom would say. Scary.


Your mom is a wise woman :sweat_smile:


Oooooh Anna, you have a face now!:scream:


Some are on the path alone, where they can come to greater wisdom, without the distractions of family life.


and Good one :slight_smile:

hahaha… She already had a one…


And now it’s your turn DJ :grin:


buh buh… I’m not fotogenik tho… :alien:

but oh well here’s me:



:joy: must be at least 20