What's exactly the tip feature? It's good for sellers or buyers?


As the title, I have read the instruction but I wanna hear from people who have experiences. I need your advices.

Thanks a lot!


Yeah, but there’s a fairly good reason for that. They don’t want people charging only $5 for a gig and then asking the customer to tip instead of paying for an extra, thereby bypassing the fees.


It is a good thing! Everyone asks me about tipping now they can do it.

I do think the fee is unfair though, why should they get 20% when we did they work and it was as I see it, a gift? They should not make money from a tip


Reply to @kara007: If you are receiving tips at the moment, they are already subject to the fee. The new feature is no different and should actually result in an increase in tips because it makes it so easy for the buyers! Fiverr offers a platform and does all of the advertising; they are entitled to take their fee from services purchased here.