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What's for dinner tonight?

Does a virtual slice count? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Italian by way of Brooklyn.

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for today’s dinner my mom have cooked Biryani.That’s my favourite one


I’m coming over for dinner tonight. :yum:

As for the “sea bugs”! :crab: I devoured those things like it was going out of style. :smile:

@zeus777 I’ve never tried sukiyaki before, but I’ll look out for it on a menu somewhere. :wink: :heartpulse:

The post will be up soon, just finishing up a few things here.

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Indian Food



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I cook my dinner by myself. anyone like me? :sunglasses:


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that looks amazing! I am out of :heart:s so here is an :apple:

Did you and @ontro_graphics eat together? He has the same food! :wink:

Yes, I cook my own and have done so for many moons.

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We had all seasoned shawarma and fresh green bean salad! (last night!)

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How the heck does someone flag as inappropriate a comment suggesting that someone will meet their granny again in the afterlife?

Sushi! I have a sushi date every Friday with a special man :heart_eyes::sushi::two_hearts:

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Hmm, I don’t see a flagged post, Mike? I mean this is a foodie thread.
Dunno why a post would get flagged. :yum:

@eoinfinnegan undid the flag. Seems that my sincere post about the afterlife was misunderstood.

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Did you just reply to yourself? :thinking:

Is that like talking to yourself?

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I can’t find the post about Granny and the afterlife. That sounds like the high point of the thread.

I would say so . . . they say it is all right as long as you do not answer yourself!

image I meant to only post one, but there were so many good ones!

Just found this one too! I really need to stom and get to work!


Here is what was somehow misconstrued: