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What's for Dinner?

It is time to have a fun topic for all of us who like to eat. So, what are you having for dinner? Or what is your favorite dinner? Please post a picture even if you need to find it on the web.

This is a picture of the Norwegian Potato Dumplings I plan to make for dinner. They are also called Potato Klubb, and Potato Krub. @vibronx do they make dumplings like this in Denmark?


Looks like I’ll be coming here every day with new pictures instead of posting them on insta :see_no_evil:


I have actually never heard of Potato Dumplings in Denmark before. I think they would be Kartoffelkugler here, and I can see that they do have a few recipes online, but it is not much. However, I do love everything potatoes (you have to if you are a Dane), so you definitely showed me a new thing I have to try!

My favorite thing to eat for dinner is Indian curry and pakora from various Indian restaurants (mostly ordered through Deliveroo :heart_eyes: :kangaroo: now due to the pandemic). Especially like the potato curry - well, I am Danish so… Had it for Valentine’s Day, too. :yum:



The dinner dish I like to make the most is Beef Stew (picture from the internet as I never took one, but it looks similar). It was the first major dish I ever made for my girlfriend - on White Day when I was in Seoul - from my mom’s recipe. She still says to this day that it is the best thing she ever tasted in her life, even though it was 5 years ago. I have made it many times since, and it is always very delicious, but apparently never as good as the first time. :grimacing:


And, for today’s dinner… :thinking: Probably just a bit of bread. It was my birthday a week ago, so I always gain a ton of weight the following week (this year was no exception) as I have a lot of cake leftovers, and then it is Valentine’s Day soon after. :sweat_smile:


If you search on my dumpling recipe s posted there. The picture above is mine that I posted there.


I made pho for tonight (well… the quick microwave version). Was debating on curry, pho or miso soup with…something? But laziness won! But for tomorrow we have my dad’s famous beef stew (the real… I mean, Hungarian version) and goulash as well (well, not tomorrow but sometime this week I’d expect).


@vickiespencer Your dumplings look similar to Czech potato dumplings stuffed with smoked bacon, with sauerkraut and roasted onions.

I know there is also german version, maybe danish, etc.:slight_smile:


My grandmother taught me to make these. She would either stuff them with bacon or cubes of ham. She always served them with green peas and side pork. I love dumplings!

what do you put in your Pho?


I actually want to make my own broth from scratch (from beef) but I’ve been lacking the time so right now I either make it on the stovetop (so just use instant pho noodles and the seasoning plus soy sauce, chili and Chinese vinegar and mixed frozen veggies) or just throw it as is into the microwave. I cook stir-fries a lot (so I have all the spices needed for them) but I’m not super comfortable with soups from scratch yet!

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Feeding time in our house has improved in the year that we’ve had an air fryer (Ninja Foodie).

Typically, we will air fry up some potato wedges and either frozen boneless pork chops or fish (snapper or tuna steaks).

As I am recovering from congestive heart failure, I’ve had to pay close attention to the sodium I consume, and the air fryer has become a great alternative for meal preparation.

Not sure what tonight will be, but last night was the potato wedges and yellowfin tuna steaks.


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Why not use broth from a carton?

Are those the same as Ramen noodles? I use these as a healthier alternative to making packaged Ramen. I add broth from a carton, and whatever veggies I have on hand, sliced very thin.


Do you top it with a jelly egg? aka soft boiled egg?


Is that the same as rice vinegar? I like to have a drizzle of sesame oil too.


I had an air fryer from Costco, but donated it to good will. It was too small even for just my hubby and me. Plus the only thing I found that it did well on air frying was chicken dummies.

I may have to research the Ninja Foodie.

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We had it given to us as a Christmas gift in 2019.

Didn’t even open it to try it until mid-COVID in 2020.

Now we use it an average of 4 nights a week.

Sometimes more.

It’s also great for hard-boiling eggs and other things besides air frying.

Yes, pretty much the same (just with a slightly different seasoning packet). I also want to try the spicy Korean noodles but I’ll need to order that from a special store (which is a chore!)
I call it Chinese vinegar, I THINK it is black rice vinegar (but not the same as the Korean one, I’ve made the mistake of buying the wrong thing at first.)
I usually poach an egg inside the broth the last few minutes of cooking but I’ve been looking at recipes for ramen eggs! Love a good soft boiled egg for sure. I’m out of sesame oil because I like to drizzle it on literally everything! Well, I do have some but it’s… not the right thing! Oyster sauce is also a good extra when I make ramen and I’m not keen on the seasoning packet they’ve sent, I usually just add a stock cube then and what I’d add for my regular stir-fry.
Have you ever made egg flower soup? It’s my favourite and so~ simple!

Today, our dinner was vegetable, fish and rice.
Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

Rice (Bhat)




Chicken Bhuna

Just one piece of chicken :smiley: Rice is a staple food in our house. I feel hungry now :yum:


These are from a few days ago where I ate at a restaurant celebrating my birthday… I usually don’t eat pasta so I can’t say that this is my favorite food however these were extremely good


Oh yes, it was a staple I made at college because I could make it in my room.

I found a good one on Pinterest. I will see if I can find it.

What kind of fish? Do you add saffron to your veggies to get that lovely golden color?

@wp_kid my son said he ate a lot of Daal Bhat when he climbed to the base camp of Mount Everest. The sherpa cooked it for most of the meals. It had lentils in it. What kind of chicken is that? I have heard of butter chicken. My sister loves it.

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that looks delicious. I think it looks like rigatoni. The sauce looks like it has spices in it and it a lighter sauce. What was the white stuff on the top?

No butter, we use soya bean oil :smiley:

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i made pakora curry for today’s dinner :yum: :yum: