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What's GDP have to do with my gig?

First of all i am sorry for possible gramatical error in my thread, english isn’t my native language.

My name is Hagi.
So i’ve been selling on fiverr since 2013, i’m doing vector tracing (basicly turn your photo into cartoon)…
Most buyer doesn’t have problem with my price.

About few hours ago one user asked me, what’s the price for 1 full body figure?
I answered politely: 1 full body figure cost $25
Like i said before, most buyer perfectly fine with the price… i got 5 stars rating on my gig, many people order full body figures without any problem…

But this user then started lecturing me about how i’m being greedy because i live in Indonesia and my GDP is only $400 per month, that i should match my price with my nation’s GDP…

I meant, i’m working on fiverr because i want a better life than what i have right now… so how am i being greedy?
Any other seller price for full body figure also no less than $20 and they’re not based in Indonesia…

Your thoughts guys?


Politely tell him that you set your price depending on the demand and that he is not forced to buy from you. Then you wish him a nice day and forget about him. :wink: You don’t want to have anything with people like this as they will couse you problems if they order from you and also I wouldn’t want to work for someone who doesn’t respect me. :wink:


Or maybe he wants to buy your work on the cheap and resell it and make a profit. I agree with @matevzs1 Take his advice.

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Right there you know you are dealing with a moron. Keep your rates as high as possible, and don’t let them talk you down.


i was confused, i didn’t know what to do… so I reported (blocked) him, he can’t contact me anymore…

But that’s a solid advice, will do that next time buyer like that shows up (hopefully this is the last time)…
Thank you…


Never give in to those are there to bring you down!

If your price is $25, $25 it is!

You can always negotiate a package deal - purchase 4 tracings and get the fifth free!


I was not aware we could block people, I will have to check into this.

in the inbox, when you click “report” button, it will show you the option to not receive any message from that person anymore…

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I’ve heard and seen various kinds of morons and idiots attempt to immorally (and sometimes illegally) bring an honest, hard working, decent Seller (and his rates) down with various schemes, proposals, demands for free work and abusive language (blackmailing).

But I’ve never, ever witnessed a moron so unintelligent, rude and insolent as to say: “You are born in an impoverished country which my country colonized, enslaved and exploited for centuries - making you economically fall behind with the “developed”, “democratic” (God help us) world by decades. You should neglect the fact that we’re in a globally connected, technologically developed 21st century that has surpassed the country’s borders, and you should know your place and bring your rates down to the feudal enslavement prices that your region imposes on you.”

Your reviews, talent, hard work, dedication, honesty, decency and skills don’t matter but your nation’s GDP does?!

Damn it, that’s the most perfidiously and insolently expressed insult that does a surprisingly good job at combining racism, chauvinism, ignorance, hate and painful stupidity in only a few words.

“You’re greedy,” and “you should match your rates with your nation’s GDP.” Damn the insolence some people allow themselves to express… My first reaction was that you must be making it up, until I’ve realized that you absolutely have no reason to.

What would I suggest you to do and what would I personally do?

Honestly, I would search for one of those Free Online IQ tests. I would look up the Buyer’s country’s average IQ. I’d then subtract it by 4.

For example, if an average IQ in Buyer’s country is “100” the end result would be “25” after subtraction.

Then I would send the link of the free IQ test to the Buyer.

I’d say: "Your country’s average is 100. But your recent comments taught me not to go too hard on your intelligence. So, I’ve got an even better deal.

I’ll reduce the price of the Service to 0. That’s right - nothing. Nada. 0.

Forget about my country’s GDP. I’ll give you the full figure for $0. BUT…

Only if you score 25 points on more on this IQ test: [Link to Test Here] and send me the result (proof).

if you don’t make it the first time, I’ll give you two more tries.

I look forward to our cooperation."

But that’s just me, a silly old bat with extreme intolerance to the painful combination of ignorance, insolence and stupidity, and the relentless urge to call them out.

A simple report + ignoring could probably give just as good of a result.


We as professional sellers should be smarter than those buyers, so I don’t think this is appropriate response. :wink:
I think only professional responses are:

  • report + ignore
  • response like the one I wrote in my earlier reply
  • or little joke like: "You’re correct, but we also have millionaires and I won’t become one with average prices. :slight_smile:

But in any case - be polite, such IQ tests requests, etc. are insulting even if he may deserve it. :slight_smile:

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The good news is that you are a great seller. How do I know?

. . . Because when you’re good at your work, whole bunch of cheap, scamming, buyers will come out if the woods to guilt you into doing lots of work for less.

Logically, who’d want to scam a bad seller with awful gigs. :wink:

So, I am dead serious, when I say:

You are a successful Seller!

Welcome to the big leagues. I wish you great success!! :blue_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Actually, Indonesia’s GDP per capita, which is the term you are looking for is $3,974, and your GDP is $932 billion. This is much higher than India’s (my country’s) GDP per capita of $1,709. So you have nothing to be ashamed of. [How would I handle this situation, if someone mentioned my country’s GDP per capita to me and said how much I should be earning? I would laugh that off and say thanks but no thanks, as only I know what I am truly worth and how much I make :sunglasses: To be fair, nobody has ever said anything even remotely racist or even made a reference to my country when making an order with me, and I’ve been here 4 years.] [Finally, you have to develop a thick skin and not get affected by all of this stuff. Just focus on your work and on making money.]


I also talked with a person, who offered me 2 days task at $20.
When i said i could earn more at that time, he started talking about my coutnry

Hahahahahaha you made me cry out of laugh. I will have this answer in my message list :smiley:

Just pay no attention to it. Sometimes I get people who lecture me too about things, as if it is their business what I do. These people are disturbed mentally who have nothing in the world better to do. Just ignore them.

I once was lectured by a so called witch who was enraged I would charge anything to cast spells. I doubt if anyone ever asks her to cast any spells for them, free or not.