What's going on? Getting a bit desperate


I have a profile since February this year, and I made it to level 2 seller pretty quickly. I have a 5 star average rating, with around 40 reviews (60% review rate). Things were going well, but all of a sudden my orders dropped drastically. I still get impressions and clicks, but since the beginning of June I only had one order, so super low conversion rates (mostly around 0). What am I missing? It can’t even be the algorithm screwing me over, because I get quite a few impressions. Why isn’t anyone ordering all of a sudden (specially after I revamped the gigs, improving some, even in price!)?


Same issue with me it’s very difficult to accept.




It’s happened to all of us. I’ve been doing some promotions and scrambled to get a few orders this week.


Just got contacted by some seller on Fiverr that read this post. He offered to help me with his “Magik” gig to help me get sales. FML, this place is overrun with idiots and scammers, and they all seem to be doing fine, for some reason.


Yet some people say they can live from fiverr lol


Calm down :relieved: … it happens to everyone :relieved:


That has nothing to do with anything. I didn’t get a slight drop in impressions or orders. I went from getting gigs every day to NO ORDERS in over a week. 0. I didn’t get a single bad review, I didn’t increase prices, nothing. And yet I get absolutely no orders, when before I was getting at least one order a day. I rely on fiverr as my main source on income, this is seriously panicking me.


I would suggest looking at your categories and tags. It could well be that the impressions you are getting are because you are showing up in irrelevant categories or for irrelevant searches. Make sure your tags are specifically related to your gigs.
EG. your lyric and music video gig has “youtube” as a tag but that is not what someone would search for when looking for your service. Go through each one and ask yourself if that is what someone would search for and if not then change it to something else.
Your gig is well written, clear and well laid out so the issue is not low conversion of leads, it is that you are getting the wrong leads.

Ignore those who seem happy to accept it when they have no orders and instead, act on the advice you get directly and the huge amount of advice and tips available on the forum. Last month was my second best month ever and this month is on target to be better again. I currently make a full time salary from my Fiverr income - despite what some new sellers say (repeatedly) - it is possible to do but it takes time and effort to get established.

Edit: What you seem to be experiencing is what happens when you reach the end of the “new seller boost”.


All the while I see people offer BS services, gigs based entirely around slightly modifying a template, and pure scams and they have hundreds and thousands of reviews, and some of them are top rated sellers. Seriously, wtf.


eoinfinnegan, what do you sell? How can you make a living on fiverr? I’m genuinely asking. The work I do takes time, and everybody wants a video for 5$. That’s not sustainable, at all. The only people I see making money on fiverr are selling ridiculously easy things, and yet they get a lot of orders (if I do it, I get NOTHING).

I didn’t change the tags at all. I was getting orders before, I’m not getting orders now. If I didn’t change the tags, how can that be the problem??


If you see gigs you don’t think are worthwhile with thousands of positive reviews then your opinions are at odds with the opinions of actual buyers of these gigs.

As for your sales going down recently we are told that there is testing going on which may affect some sellers.


Because Fiverr have changed how the algorithm works and it seems the tags are more important than they used to be. You got a lot of exposure for a while because Fiverr artificially boosts new sellers for a while to give them a chance. When that period is over, you get the drop you noticed. It is why many sellers find it more difficult after they become level 2.

My advice to anyone who does good quality, original work is to stop trying to compete with the $5 people. When working on setting up my SEO gig, I chose a starting point of 5 times what most SEO sellers have. Why? Because my service is worth far more than what is being offered at $5 - why would I charge the same, or even try to compete with that? That gig has been my biggest revenue gig for 2 months since I revamped it.
The key is that you need to prove it. You need to put the effort into showcasing your work properly.
Forget about those with inferior work, if someone does work which is worth $5 and charges $5 for it then they deserve to get 5 stars. If someone does work worth $50 and charges $5 they deserve 5 stars and a kick in the a** for underselling themselves.

My post about communicating value to buyers may be of interest to you as well as the whole series of posts.


These are last 7 days results.
How can this be explained, if I have only 5 star reviews? Why did people suddenly just stoped ordering? I don’t get it.

It has nothing to do with the tags, I still get impressions and hits. People are simply not ordering. Why?


Oh, miss crystal, rest assured my opinions are at odds with the opinions of many people here. Just look at all the sellers peddling services in the buyer requests page, for instance.

That does not mean I’m wrong. And you know it.


Have you checked to see where your gigs are being shown in the listings?

Is it possible that they were moved back to a less visible postition?

Lots of people are complaining about this same thing lately and it from algorithm testing going on they tell us.


Take the example I already gave you.
What if 1.6k people searched for “youtube promotion” and your gig showed up for those because of your “Youtube tag”?


I suggest not telling me what I know.


Again, I’m getting impressions and hits. The gigs are just not converting, and they were before. How can that have to do with the algorithm?


eoinfinnegan I get what you’re saying, and I’ll look into it. That makes sense when talking about impressions, but I get clicks. If you are searching for “youtube promotion” you will not click on “lyric video”. I get clicks, yet no sales.